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Synonyms for caraway

a Eurasian plant with small white flowers yielding caraway seed

leaves used sparingly in soups and stews

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Caraway Cheese Spread -- Add an Irish touch to store-bought cheese spread by stirring in caraway seeds -- it's a cinch to prepare.
Rousey has a long standing feud with Caraway who is Meisha Tate's boyfriend.
Back when Caraway, Brion Marquez and business partner Adam Wendt started IRIS Ed in 1999, "It was an acronym for something, but I can't even remember it any more," Caraway said.
Caraway, assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Minnesota, takes a closer look at gender inequalities in the manufacturing sector post World War II in the developing world.
Once we ensured our employees personal safety, we kept our retail stores open as a public service as long as possible yesterday in areas affected by the storm, Caraway said, adding that the company helped more than 500 customers, many of whom made last-minute purchases of spare phone batteries and car chargers in anticipation of the storm.
Add flavouring if required, we use raisin and caraway, rosemary and olive and parmesan and grain mustard.
Barbara Mallory Caraway, D-Dallas, are giving it a try anyway, arguing that it is time for Johnson to pass the baton in southern Dallas County's District 30.
1 3/4 cups caraway cloud base, from above, room temperature
It's an Irish stout made with doses of flaked rye and caraway seeds, 5.
In a previous work dealing with the water deficit effects on Tunisian caraway seed ecotype collected from the region of Haouaria, we have demonstrated that this constraint induced a significant reduction in growth parameters and fatty acid contents but an increase in the proportions of essential oil constituents [15].
serves four to five) Takes 15 minutes to make, and one hour to cook INGREDIENTS 6 medium beetroots 2 tbsp olive oil 2 tsp caraway seeds ' onion 500g pork mince 50g fresh white breadcrumbs 2 tbsp double cream zest of 1 lemon 2 tbsp finely chopped dill salt and pepper 150ml soured cream rye or bread or new potatoes, sprinkled with fresh dill, to serve METHOD 1.
DRUMCLIFFE/ROSSES POINT: Mc-Manus, A Ewing, G Loughlin, N Carroll, A Spratt, V O'Beirne, A Horgan, C Hoey, S O'Sullivan, M Fowley, L Fowley, S McHale, R Monaghan, K Caraway, J Caraway.
African Designs Of The Congo, Nigeria, The Cameroons And The Guinea Coast" is an impressive compilation of native designs brought together under one cover by Caran Caraway.
Most of the prep chores and many of the dishes, such as the Custard French Toast, Tuscan Grilled Vegetables, Fresh Fruits With Lemon Cream, Randy's Turkey Chili and Caraway Onion Dip, can be made a day or two in advance and refrigerated.
Naturia Dry Shampoo combines peppermint, caraway and basil to deep-clean the scalp and refresh hair with a naturally clean scent.