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an inn in some eastern countries with a large courtyard that provides accommodation for caravans

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A spacious amphitheatre at the heart of the Caravanserai will host live events, it added.
A spacious amphitheatre in the heart of the Caravanserai will host intimate live events under the stars.
It was originally built as a caravanserai by the Mughals.
That is CPEC plus caravanserais. That means the creation of 25 new trading cities along the corridor.
Every step echoes journeys past: a stroll down Ledra street takes a centuries-old path; a walk round the Old Town can whisk you back a thousand years; head to Famagusta Gate and you're treading the dust of caravanserais, traders and merchants long dead and gone.
Two caravanserais in Semnan Province were ceded to the private sector by auction last week with the aim of making the best use of such centuries-old heritage sites, the news site of the Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Office (ICHTO) reported.
These structures served as caravanserais, trade centers and outposts.
Ministry officials met the people in charge of caravanserais and informed them about their responsibilities and duties regarding implementation of the contingency plan, she said.
Real images from the past, the lingering aroma of the caravanserais in villages that lay by its side.
Sitting inside one of the traditional lodgings or caravanserais, I enjoy a lunch of delicate herb-filled savoury pancakes (kutabi) and lamb and rice wrapped in starchy grape leaves (dolmas) while sitting under an indoor tree, its trunk wrapped in multi-coloured rugs.
Of Allom's extensive output, Amiouni has chosen to showcase his representations of the Palace of Said Pasha, the Bosporus, caravanserais, mosques and bazrs (including slave markets), with an eye to depicting the boisterous cultural of the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century.
They are also credited with the first Islamic road inns or caravanserais, of which they built a number of remarkable examples across Bilad al-Sham and possibly further east and south, and which will be the topic of a projected book by Rebecca Foote.
One click after another illuminates colourful scenes of hunters, Buddhas, flying deities, Bodhisattvas and caravanserais painted on the walls of the Mogao caves in northwest China, considered the epitome of Buddhist art -- and now in existential danger.
Islamic Architecture: Majestic domes and minarets, ornamented pulpits of mosques and religious schools, palaces, courtyards, beautiful gardens with water fountains and fragrant roses, spacious caravanserais and tombs decorated with patterned brickwork, tile mosaic often in blue, golden and green, splendid molded mihrab facings with columnar bands of Qur'anic inscriptions, sophisticated geometrical and floral engravings and high ramparts.
The latter is especially puzzling in view of the excellent network of roads and commercial caravanserais that the Seljuks reputedly maintained.