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an inn in some eastern countries with a large courtyard that provides accommodation for caravans

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Two caravanserais in Semnan Province were ceded to the private sector by auction last week with the aim of making the best use of such centuries-old heritage sites, the news site of the Iranian Cultural Heritage and Tourism Office (ICHTO) reported.
Camp Bastion, like some fabled caravanserai, is fast disappearing, being progressively disassembled nearly as fast as it was erected.
The 4,000 sq m Saray Spa and Health Club draws inspiration from the caravanserai silk route across Arabia, with treatments designed to ensure mind and body renewal.
Still, under director Graeme Phillips, the storytelling is energetic, and the use of puppets, directed by the city's Puppet Pool and ranging from a shadowy caravanserai to a gigantic prehistoric baby bird to Sinbad himself, is inventive and charming.
MOROCCO: (0844 573 2460) offers three nights' room-only in Caravanserai from pounds 479, ex-Gatwick by Royal Air Maroc Oct 2.
One understands that this caravanserai is in connection with film-making, an activity which seems more and more to be taking over Penarth, including in the Victoria Road area adjoining Clinton Road.
The twin-turbo 208bhp 2.2 litre diesel engine is hardly a performance unit at 10 seconds to 60mph but taut, smooth and quiet, caravanserai will choose it for towing.
Although Lada cars pollute the streets, the city is still packed with images of its days as a great caravanserai on the Silk Route.
That section was the caravanserai. The caravanserai was an open invitation to the world to come and trade in Madina.
The caravanserai, bathhouse and hunting lodge at Amra was what really astonished me...
For some visitors to Iran, staying at a caravanserai seems to be a must.
At this meeting, topics such as the Caravanserai Project, the Silk Road Initiative, increasing border control cooperation and developing border facilities were all discussed.
The Syrian Human Rights Watchdog issued a statement, a copy of which was obtained by the German News Agency today, in which it revealed that the number of civilians martured reached 130 who joined the caravanserai of Syrian free army revolutionists , adding that not less than 32 regime forces were killed as a result of targeting regular army vehicles by explosive devices in various Syrian provinces.
His interest in the caravanserai was inspired during his first trip to Iran, where he read there were about 360 caravanserais in the Western desert of Egypt.Caravanserais (or khans) were inns which could be found at roadsides and ports throughout this region