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an inn in some eastern countries with a large courtyard that provides accommodation for caravans

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During the massacre committed by Armenians in Ganja in 1905, this caravansary was burned and the monument was seriously wounded.
Also Mir Panj Caravansary, School, and Gozar No Cistern are valuable in this regard.
It is thought to be Mimar Sinan's piece of art, constructed between 1561-1565 as a complex (kulliye), composed of mosque, theology school, hamam, caravansary and library but only mosque had reached today.
La disciplina se asemeja mas a un caravansary sobre la Ruta de la Seda, poblado de toda clase y tipo de gente y amenazados por bandas armadas de positivistas, feministas, interaccionistas y marxistas, e incluso por remotos Estados de mayor tamano como la Economia y las Humanidades, todos los cuales intentan reducir a vasallaje el lugar.
A caravansary is a squared building in the shape of cloister containing rooms, stores and boutiques for merchants (Raymond, 1985).
The king then ordered to spend the money to build a caravansary for the convenience of travelers to and from Tus.
There is a persistent sense of anhedonia in this memoir--an isolation, a loneliness, a homosexual melancholy that explains even the selection of his hotel on a trip to Madrid to visit the wife of an old flame: "In the evening I would return to my hotel, a sort of lugubrious caravansary that I'd chosen among all options with the unerring eye of the depressive.
Homs Textiles Association was established in 1970 at al-Qasiria region and it is like a khan / caravansary / that includes many shops selling textiles, Arab abaya, towels and other commodities and customers used to gather near these shops to buy whatever they want.
Noting that there is no reference in the sources to a funduq, han, or caravansary, Margariti suggests that although this may be coincidental, it is more likely to indicate a difference in the organization of transient residence between the two regions (104).
John's Church in Maadi is transforming into a caravansary for Egyptian and foreign artists, staging an exhibition that I feel is going to be extraordinary.
Exploring the streets of Granada with Manuel Fernandez Rodriguez, an official Granada tour guide with a passion for Lorca, you smell, hear, taste, and feel sensations embodied in his poems: the taste of local olives at a tapas bar on a winding street near the cathedral; a glass of homemade pale cortado sherry poured from the tap of a wine barrel in an ancient bar; the sound of footsteps down the alleys along an ancient Arab caravansary.
All persons traveling on government business must spend the night at this caravansary, located one day's journey west of Istanbul, whether they are just leaving or approaching the capital.
All have arrived at this caravansary of the jet age, a Silk Road stopover of the New World Order, to place their bets on the future.
Se busca el recorrido vital de Maqroll en sus obras narrativas y poeticas: La balanza (1948), Los elementos del desastre (1953), Resena de los hospitales de ultramar (1959), Summa de Maqroll el Gaviero (edicion de 1992), Caravansary (1981), Los emisarios (1994); La Nieve del Almirante (1986), Ilona llega con la lluvia (1987), Un bel morir (1992), Amirbar (1990), Abdul Bashur, sonador de navios (1991); La ultima escala del Tramp Steamer (1989) y Triptico de mar y tierra (1993).
In some cases, even no equivalent in other language can be found for a special term that names a component in a caravansary of a special region.