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the practice of taking holidays in a caravan

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Caravanners John and Jenny in their 60s-themed caravan
5A specialist caravan insurer is the best bet because they have a better understanding of the needs of caravanners.
So if you are either a seasoned caravanner or a complete novice, there is something for everyone at the show.
THE great motoring getaway has begun, with the annual escape from the dreary daily routine led by Britain's half-million strong army of caravanners.
One of her site neighbours is CARAVANNER No2, Jenny Southall, 43, who won pounds 8.
She is on a list of celeb caravanners that includes Robbie Williams, Jamie Oliver and Jay Kay.
Whether you are a seasoned camper or caravanner or new to the idea of taking your `home' with you on your travels, joining the Camping and Caravanning Club will help to get more from your holiday.
The show takes us to the Armadillo Acres Trailer Park where not every caravanner is at peace with those around them.
We can't use the outside lane so if a slower caravanner sits in the middle lane then we're stuck.
The wise caravanner will, of course, have had the caravan fully serviced.
That may well be the case if you're an experienced caravanner, but to newcomers to the towing game there are dozens of things to consider - and every one is as important as the next.
Plus there are plenty of ideas for both the novice and experienced caravanner.
99 Call: 01763 287253 Written by a lifelong caravanner, this books presents pertinent advice peppered with anecdotes.
If you're an experienced caravanner, you'll doubtless recognise the scenarios and I hope you'll feel free to contribute your own experiences.
One caravanner who tried to book a weekend with his grandchildren was sent away because the oldest had just turned 13.