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hard outer covering or case of certain organisms such as arthropods and turtles

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falcatus was about 30 centimeters long and had a carapace shaped like a shield or spaceship on its back.
One such animal dispersal vector could be the turtle, for turtle carapaces provide a suitable substrate for diatoms, while turtles themselves travel long distances in the upstream direction (Fachin-Teran, Vogt, & Thorbjarnarson, 2006; Souza, Raizer, Da Costa, & Martins, 2008; Frick & Pfaller, 2013; Ersanli & Gonulol, 2015).
Differences in the number of sampled individuals and those that were used in the morphometric analyses are due to the fact that only intact carapaces and right chelipeds were used.
In February 2016, a specimen of Ostrea cf puelchana (in vivo) was found cemented to the carapace of a crab of the species Callinectes exasperatus (Gerstaecker, 1856).
Those results suggest the existence of a morphological pattern in aeglid carapaces.
In case of crab claws and carapaces, high percentage weight loss was associated with excessive CO2 gas emission with effervescence and undesirable foam that is a proof of high mineral content loss during demineralisation process (DP).
A total of 565 specimens were analyzed (286 males and 279 females) and their carapace width (CW) ranged from 1.25 to 8.55 cm in males and from 2.1 to 9.2 cm in females.
Because no lesions developed when bacteria were applied to intact carapace surfaces (n = 2; each challenged and rechallenged 3 times for 3 wk), to facilitate lesion development, a method was developed to erode the epicuticle layer by abrading the lateral carapaces with fine (400-grit) sandpaper prior to filter placement.
Raffia shawls of the indigenous people of the South American region of Orinoco, like carapaces for absent bodies, stand in rows across from a series of cubicles in the glittering light of an anonymous bank lobby looking like they were just denied access for economic reasons.
had missing legs or cracked carapaces) before being subjected to re-immersion were less likely to survive than undamaged crabs.
Already being compared with the Sistine Chapel, the work uses the glowing beetle carapaces to create an enormous mosaic that covers the barrel vault and the ceiling niches of the 19th-century Hall of Mirrors.
From a distance, the Parco is signposted by swelling, weighty hulks of the lead roofs evoking metaphors of tortoise shells, insect carapaces and the curiously graceful jointed armour of samurai warriors.
Mixtures with less clofibric acid resulted in less mortality but cause some daphnia offspring to have malformed carapaces and appendages.
In both cases, there are some similarities in the external geometry of plastrons and carapaces that tend to be more rounded in hatchlings that hatched within 55 days, and longer in those incubated for over 67 days.