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A number of authors have investigated the morphometry, length-weight relationship, population dynamics and biology of carangid species (Sivakami, 1995; Kasim, 1996; Zafar et al.
Despite these differences, all estimates are well within the range of M reported in other genera of carangids (Froese & Pauly 2010): Carangoides (0.
For example, when a seine net is positioned over different bottom types, goatfish are commonly gilled over sand, parrotfish near live coral and carnivorous fish, such as carangids, can be caught most anywhere.
School formation and concurrent developmental changes in carangid fish with reference to dietary conditions.
73 Carangids (saurels, jacks, trevally, and similar) are middle-sized pelagic fish, although some are almost the same size and show the same gregarious behavior as small phytoplankton-eating fish.
2012) Fishery and population dynamics of two species of carangids, Decapterus russelli (Ruppell, 1830) and Megalaspis cordyla (Linneaeus, 1758) from Mumbai waters.
Distribution and abundance of carangid larvae in the southeastern Brazilian Bight during 1975-1981.
The nocturnal migration is a common adaptation considered for the feeding purpose among carangid fishes.
commerson fed on carangid fishes (Decapterus), scombrids (Rastrelliger) and barracuda (Sphyraena) (Bachok et al.
During the post monsoon, summer and premonsoon seasons the carangid eggs were more in number and they were collected in all the stations, as already reported during May to June from Coleroon estuary (11).
Distribution of carangid larvae (Teleostei: Carangidae) and concentrations of zooplankton in the northern Gulf of Mexico, with illustrations of early Hernicaranx amblyrhynchus and Caranx spp.
Supraneural and pterygiophore insertion patterns in carangid fishes, with description of a new Eocene carangid tribe, [dagger]Paratrachinotini, and a survey of anterior anal-fin pterygiophore insertion patterns in Acanthomorpha.