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Synonyms for caramel

firm chewy candy made from caramelized sugar and butter and milk

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burnt sugar

having the color of caramel

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To join, Filipino citizens 18 years old and up must collect five empty sachets of any Great Taste White variant (Smooth and Creamy, Smooth and Creamy Sugarfree, Smooth and Caramelly, Smooth and Chocolatey) or one empty BigSave bag, place them in a white envelope with their contact details, and drop them at drop boxes in participating stores nationwide.
Thus, the reader encounters "turrety", "The air was Magellan air.", "groggling", "rubbled", "wavery", "sweatery", "globby", and "caramelly, coconutty, chocolaty", some understandable, others not.
Now, while this dish won't struggle to find fans, it didn't live up to an off-menu salad variation I had a few weeks ago EoAC" the fish, served on mixed herbs with a passion fruit dressing, was caramelly and oddly worked well with the sweet tanginess of the dressing.
Based on a family recipe, Kari's Malva Pudding actually resembles a dense, moist, rich cake, with a caramelly flavor and a hint of apricot.
Bearing fruity (grapefruit, peach) and piney notes in its aroma, this Pennsylvania beer shows how balance really can be achieved in a highly hopped beer, with its bitterness matched at every turn by fruity, caramelly malt.
The beer is light brown in colour with toffee hints, a caramelly sweet aftertaste and a grassy freshness; characteristics typical of the Sulwath portfolio which includes Criffel (4.4% ABV), Galloway Gold (5.00% ABV), Solway Mist (5.5% ABV) and the mightily impressive Knockendoch (5.0% ABV).
This prep pan sears large sea scallops 'til tender, almost caramelly, and then plates them on a creamy sweet corn sauce spiked with bits of Applewood smoked bacon.
For one thing, there are no sharp edges to contend with: The garlic puree is mellow and caramelly, the balsamic vinegar reduction is onion-laced and syrupy, and the local tomatoes are vine-ripe and flavorful.
A pot with extra ice is available, along with a warm pot of caramelly syrup, just in case it wasn't sweet enough.
The pudding was the right texture (I've experienced some so hard they could bounce) and flavour (not too sweet, not at all eggy), with a crisp, caramelly sugar shell and a topping of three fat raspberries.
Although the roasting of each coffee was kept as consistent as possible throughout this exercise, other characters, such as Caramelly notes, seem to have been accentuated to a greater degree than the rest.
The mangoes will let out a lot of liquid so cook for 10-15 minutes, stirring frequently, until liquid has evaporated and the sauce is thick and caramelly. Remove from the heat.
In March, the limited-release list will include Pinon Nut Brown (a caramelly brown ale made with local pinon nuts), and a Belgian-style ale brewed with star anise and a blend of three Belgian yeasts.
They don't seem as soft or caramelly in the middle.
The same changes that make a cake crust brown and crisp tend to introduce a characteristic baked, buttery and somewhat caramelly taste.