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Synonyms for caramelize

be converted into caramel

convert to caramel

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Cool to room temperature, then refrigerate brulees at least two hours or up to two days before caramelizing the top shortly before serving.
caramelizing produces teytures that range from crisp and crunchy, like the caramel an top of a arama brulee, to sypupy, like the caramel that coats flan.
Levan polymer comes as a white powder with a Tg of 271 F, which makes it difficult to extrude without caramelizing.
Dulce de Leche ("milk jam") is Latin America's traditional dessert, made over many hours by caramelizing sugar in milk, for a sweet caramel creaminess.
However, many make it by simply caramelizing sweetened condensed milk slowly on top of the stove or in the oven (never in an unopened can) until thick and golden-brown or amber-colored (directions included here).