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Synonyms for caramelize

be converted into caramel

convert to caramel

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The secret is in not rushing the caramelizing of the onions.
caramelizing produces teytures that range from crisp and crunchy, like the caramel an top of a arama brulee, to sypupy, like the caramel that coats flan.
caramelizing the sugar within savory foods enhances their inwen ent sweetness while contributing both slightly tart and nehly toasted notes.The sugar needed for this is primaraly found in fruits and vegetables.
Levan polymer comes as a white powder with a Tg of 271 F, which makes it difficult to extrude without caramelizing. So the Natick lab mixes levan with glycerol plasticizer to lower the Tg to a range of 122 to 158 F.