caramelized sugar

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burnt sugar


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She made an eight-layer cake for Father's Day, decorated with caramelized sugar sticks and sugar discs.
Prepare caramelized sugar using the dry method and the wet method.
The Overseal product line includes natural beta-carotene, carmine, curcumin, paprika and turmeric, as well as an anthocyanin-based range, red beet, caramelized sugar and lutein.
If the cookies start to stick before you get them all off the pan, you need only return the pan to the oven for long enough to remelt the caramelized sugar, then peel them off the pan while they are still pliable.
The solid looked very much like partially caramelized sugar and tested positive with Benedict's and Molisch's reagent for mono- and di-saccarides.
Looking like caramelized sugar crystals, deposits of dye and bleach, or the veins of a viscous eyeball (though that is not what they are), they call up the particulate, the chemical, the organic.
Past attempts to pull DNA from old feces have proved disappointing because investigators did not realize that the DNA was hidden inside caramelized sugar compounds, says Hendrik N.
Gradually pour one-fourth hot mixture into caramelized sugar, stirring constantly; add remaining hot mixture (mixture mill lump, but continue stirring until smooth).
In most cases, the crust color is derived from caramelized sugar, and a caramel taste is a flavor almost everyone enjoys.
Using a fine strainer or cheesecloth, strain the mixture and pour into the container with the caramelized sugar.
Banana Que A la Mode Ripe cooking bananas are fried in hot oil with caramelized sugar, then served atop apple compote and guava ice cream.
Adding a little cream of tartar keeps the hot caramelized sugar from crystallizing; orange zest intensifies its flavor.
A brittle caramelized sugar like that found on creme brulee topped it all.