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be converted into caramel

convert to caramel

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She recommends adding a little maltose to the meat marinade to induce caramelization and charring.
Effects of temperature and pH on the kinetics of caramelization, protein cross-linking and Maillard reactions in aqueous model systems.
Color changes can give information about the extent of browning reactions such as caramelization, Maillard reaction, degree of cooking, and pigment degradation that take place during the extrusion process (ANTON et al.
The process of cooking and caramelization will bring out the onions' natural sweetness, and you will maximize your intake of beneficial compounds," she says.
I think this is true to the style, has some caramelization, a deep maltiness, so rich that is almost seems like a decoction mash.
Ordinarily the renderings from the caramelization process would be discarded.
The caramelization is off the charts," Terry says of his unique waffles.
Important process parameters in the baking industry such as the degree of browning, caramelization, or temperature and humidity of the ambient air will be analyzed and the data used to adjust the baking process (temperature, humidity) in real-time through a feedback loop.
4) verb non-human patient source (COCA, nominalization G=Google, 0= other) barter barterables G baste baste COCA blurt blurtings G bond bondings, bondables COCA, G braise braise COCA bring bringables G caramelize caramelization COCA clean (dry)cleanables COCA collapse collapsibles G commingle comminglings COCA covet covetables G devour devourables G eject ejectables G, COCA eliminate eliminations COCA explain explainable COCA fasten fastenables G ferment fermentation COCA flush flushables COCA hide hides 0 hock hockables COCA imbibe imbibable COCA ingest ingestible COCA liquidate liquidations COCA loathe loathings COCA obtain obtainable s G pilfer pilferage, pilferables G quaff quaff COCA shoot shooter COCA slather slather COCA snatch snatchables G tuck tuckables G
Also, small amounts of caramelization may occur in the process.
The sugars participate in important reactions during the roasting process, such as the Maillard reaction and/or caramelization, which are responsible for the formation of the color (nonenzymatic browning), flavor and aroma of coffee (MENDONCA et al.
Mottram spent decades investigating meat flavor and in particular the Maillard reaction, the caramelization of carbohydrates that releases hundreds or thousands of compounds during cooking.
More specifically, the program will examine caramelization and how maple sugars participate in the Maillard reaction, the combination of amino acids and reducing agents that yields the desirable flavour of browned foods such as seared meats or pan-fried dumplings.
The mature agaves are slowly cooked at low heat to assure the caramelization of all their sugar.
Methylglyoxal formation was performed by carbohydrate decomposition during caramelization of mono- oligo- and polysaccharides (glucose dextrin 15 and starch) (Homoki-Farkas et al.