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be converted into caramel

convert to caramel

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For the final reduction, we used a very low heat, periodically stirring to check for caramelization.
Unlike the conventional atmospheric process, which boils jam at 105-107C, the BCH system cooks under vacuum and reduces the temperature to 60C, preventing caramelization of the sugar and degradation of the fruit.
We use a sharp spatula and cut it off so the caramelization stays on the grill," he says.
The change in colour (greenness) was mainly due to browning reactions, such as Maillard browning or caramelization, which are often facilitated by the application of heat.
Rita's new Dulce de Leche is named after the popular South American dessert prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a product that derives its taste from the caramelization of the product, changing flavor and color.
Repeat lentil caramelization with remaining oil, anchovy paste, tomato paste, sugar, balsamic, lentils, Tabasco, and seasoning.
It became clear that the flavors, even for red wines, work with vegetables with caramelization, and you don't have to serve cabernet sauvignon with beef--you can pair it with black lentils, beets, caramelized chard," says Gilian Handelman, director of education and communications at Kendall Jackson.
Foods with significant browning or caramelization activity or those products to which preformed AGEs have been added can be exceptionally high in proinflammatory compounds.
I sear meat, chicken, turkey or chiles for a golden-brown exterior, and that caramelization lends flavor to the soup.
It is these sugars that provide the basic building blocks for the wondrous Caramelization and Maillard reactions that produce amazingly flavorful aromas during roasting.
Continue sauteing until the vegetables start to stick, then keep going, stirring and scraping regularly, until the pan has a nice brown look from the caramelization, perhaps 20 minutes more.
For the sauteed onions Cook onions in saute pan on medium heat with touch of olive oil, under weight to keep them flat and in even contact with pan Gel good even caramelization on them and season with salt and pepper To serve: Heat duck fat to 350 degrees in deep, heavy pot or deep-fryer Deep fry sweetbreads until just cooked throuah, about 5 minutes.
The colour change for the monkey orange products during processing is due to the caramelization and maillard reactions.
One outstanding effort is the risotto di zucca ($13), technically a savory creation, but offering a delicious touch of sweetness from the caramelization of its butternut squash (not pumpkin) main ingredient -- other than the obvious rice -- along with a welcome sage undertone.
The brown grill marks left by the searing hot ridges are created by caramelization and a series of complex chemical changes called the Maillard reaction.