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Synonyms for caramelise

be converted into caramel

convert to caramel

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COOKING TIP If you don't have a blowtorch you can heat up a grill for five minutes until very hot, then put the dish under for one minute to caramelise the sugar.
When the sugar has dissolved and started to caramelise, toss the apples well to coat.
Once the pineapple has start to char, pour over the remaining juice to caramelise in the warm pan.
The onions will begin to go light and then slightly darker brown as the sugars come out and caramelise. Stir often, scraping the brown bits.
When melted, add the bananas and caramelise on each side for 3-4 mins.
Melt some butter and caster sugar together in a pan, add the apples and allow them to caramelise, turning occasionally.
Melt the butter in the pan until foaming before adding the brown sugar and honey, add the pears and caramelise for two to three minutes METHOD 1.
Caramelise in the oven until golden brown; this takes about six minutes.
Onions carry a large percentage of sugars and a good onion soup's colour and flavour comes from the slow cooking which releases these sugars and allows them to caramelise into a dark, almost burnt looking substance in the bottom of your pan.
Toss the pineapple chunks with the brown sugar to evenly coat, then tip into a small, hot, frying pan for two-three minutes, turning so that the sugar begins to caramelise. Spoon the rice pudding into shallow bowls, then top with the caramelised pineapple and chopped pistachios.
Stir occasionally, until the onions start to caramelise.
Add the caster sugar, raise the heat and cook until the onions caramelise. Add the cider vinegar and simmer, uncovered over a moderate heat for one hour.
To caramelise the cabbage, toss it in a wide saut pan or wok in a little oil and butter, plus a pinch of salt and pepper.
Toss pineapple chunks with the brown sugar to coat, then tip into a small, hot, frying pan for two-three minutes, turning so the sugar begins to caramelise.