caramel brown

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Synonyms for caramel brown

having the color of caramel


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95) Save room for the apple caramel Brown Betty pud (pounds 5.
Back then it was a nice Seventies-shade of caramel brown, but when Mr Haussauer passed it on to one of the company secretaries, she wanted it painted black.
Donna Karan made an opulent statement with black, chocolate and caramel brown, as well as red, orange and gold in bedding and accessories.
On a mild winter morning, Yellow Creek runs caramel brown behind Larry and Sheila Wilson's house, smelling of the earth, pungent and natural.
Keep on the heat for a further one-two minutes until the sugar is bubbling and has turned caramel brown.
For the ginger sauce, dissolve the caster sugar in a pan with the vinegar and heat until caramel brown.