caramel apple

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an apple that is covered with a candy-like substance (usually caramelized sugar)

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announced that their delicious and healthy caramel apples, candy apples and hand-dipped chocolate-covered apples are now available at www.
For Sea Salt Caramel Apple Dumplings, wrap each apple wedge with 2 flattened caramels, and sprinkle with a small amount of sea salt before wrapping apples in crescent dough.
50 each) and both had warm caramel apple pie with cream which was scrumptious.
defeat the competition and take home the first place blue ribbon with her coffee drink idea, "Hot Caramel Apple Coffee.
Chiare Blanc de Blancs + Specially Selected Brie Cheese Round: A glass of this sparkling wine paired with creamy brie cheese creates an impeccable flavor blend of nuts, caramel and fall-ripe apples, reminiscent of an autumn caramel apple.
group 7 foods Co-Founder Peter Mullen said, "Stop by at this year's Triangle Vegfest, where we debut our newest Caramel Apple Pie Dessert Naturally 2 Go[TM] featuring our gluten-free vegan spread made with real apples.
Some of the dishes you can prepare include Massaged Lemony Kale, Baby Greens and Mango Lime Chipode Dressing, Cherry/Tomato Gazpacho, Chia Porridge with Fruit and Nuts, Lettuce Wraps, Yellow Squash Ribbons with Arugula Pesto, Cheesy Spicy Flax Crackers, Cool Ranch Kale Chips, Mango Peach Salsa, Sun-Dried Tomato Cheese, Pumpkin Pie, Caramel Apple Pear Tart, and Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Bark.
In Minnesota, health officials have identified two caramel apple brands associated with the infection of the four ill Minnesotans.
Caramel apple cookies are made by coloring sugar cookie dough red and green.
Caramel apple with caramel cream cheese frosting and caramel sauce, pumpkin spice with brown sugar cream cheese frosting, dark chocolate with white chocolate peppermint buttercream, and chocolate hazelnut with hazelnut buttercream and Nutella drizzle--just a few of the cupcake flavors at Sweet Cake Bake Shop.
My daughter, in creative mood, tried the mini chocolate challenge (where you create your own dessert delight with ice-cream, chunky chocolate fudge brownies, marshmallows and warm chocolate flavour fudge frenzy sauce) while my son ate an ice-cream sundae and the hubby, with still a bit more room, indulged in caramel apple crumble pie - which he described as "proper comfort food".
Over a hundred of the restaurant's desserts have been adapted for home cooks while the pastry chef author offers a survey of Southern ingredients and classics from Honey Chess Pie to Root Beer Float Cake and Caramel Apple Pie.
You get all the satisfaction of a caramel apple in one bite and without a messy chin.
Other seasonal flavors include Apple Cranberry Hi Pie, Caramel Apple Nut Hi Pie and Fruits of the Forest Hi Pie, combining strawberries, apples, raspberries, rhubarb and blackberries.
The top 50 recipes are showcased in a book, The Next Gourmet Burger Kids Cookbook, including such interesting hamburger-riffs as the Ooey Gooey Nacho Burger, the Caramel Apple Burger, and--with fried jalapenos, prickly pear jam, and pepper jack cheese--the Captain Jack Burger.