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Synonyms for caramel

firm chewy candy made from caramelized sugar and butter and milk

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burnt sugar

having the color of caramel

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Use of caustic sulphite caramel as a food ingredient for flavor enhancement is one of the key factors spurring its adoption.
[ClickPress, Mon Jul 15 2019] Consumption of ammonia caramel associated with health-related adversities, such as allergic reactions, is likely to threaten the adoption of ammonia caramel as a food additive.
TINY Rebel Brewery of Newport continues to innovate its range - this is a tweak to its already popular Stay Puft Porter, with a salted caramel twist.
Whether it's for starting the day right or for quick pick-me-ups in the middle of the day, the new Great Taste White Caramel and Great Taste White Crema are bound to satisfy the busy and always on-the-go Filipino.
Review of reported exposures indicated that all three patients had consumed prepackaged caramel apples purchased from retail establishments in the month preceding illness onset.
Get that sweet caramel taste without the sugar when you use Ellyndale's Sugarless Sugar sugar replacement for your next popcorn night.
Irresistible White Christmas Snow Globe PS10, CO-OP INSIDE is a decadent Belgian chocolate and salted caramel cheesecake with a creamy snow scape of Belgian white chocolate mousse, hand finished with white chocolate decorations including curls, snowballs and shimmering pearls - a true showstopper, inside and out!
Caramel. Mmmm, just saying the very word conjures up thoughts of everything warm and soothing when the frost is on the pumpkin, and the house smells of something delightful in the oven.
Take blondies to a whole other level with a marbled layer of sweet blackberry caramel
Starbucks is marking the start of the summer season by introducing the Caramel Popcorn Frappuccino for the first time in the region.
The budget supermarket has announced they will be stocking their own version Karamel Sutra Core,Caramel Core Ice Cream- a delicious blend of half chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks and half caramel ice cream with a caramel sauce centre.
Everyone I know loved the caramel shortcake we got from the school canteen when we were young.
Not only is it TGIF, or Thank God It's Friday, but this week Friday also doubles as National Caramel Popcorn Day.