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any plant of the genus Caragana having even-pinnate leaves and mostly yellow flowers followed by seeds in a linear pod

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The fecal samples indicated that the Alashan red deer diet was dominated by shrubs (43.6 %) in the winter, among which, Caragana spp.
extract 3534.1 (from Caragana sinica (Buc'hoz) Rehder) which induced human ADAM 10 promoter activity to 134% yielded an induction to about 270% for the murine homologue.
All three types of herbages and hay contained much higher NDF levels than the concentrate feed, and there were higher CP values in the Caragana; but lower CP values in thyme, licorice and hay than the concentrate.
En Asia se han reportado varios generos de plantas como hospedantes (Ulmus, Salix, Eleagnus, Caragana, Malus, Pyrus, Crategus, Prunus); aunque en los EUA solamente se ha encontrado en olmos, a pesar de la presencia de hospedantes potenciales en los otros generos.
Lamoureux provides this example of a guild: The canopy layer of fruit trees can be surrounded with nitrogen-fixing plants or shrubs, like clover or caragana (Siberian pea shrub).
Wang, "Architectural plasticity and growth responses of Hippophae rhamnoides and Caragana intermedia seedlings to simulated water stress," Journal of Arid Environments, vol.
Conversely, Caragana korshinskii compensated for foliage harvesting by increasing fruit set, seed number per pod and seed biomass, and a decrease in fruit abortion [13].
For something more unusual, why not seek out Caragana arborescens 'pendula' or 'walker'?
(very small plants, height not exceeding 6 cm), Caragana frumex (L) C.Koch.
That year the birds were found along the caragana hedge-' rows between harvested wheat, pea and barley fields.
pygmy peashrub Caragana pygmaea, Ajania fruticulosa, Kochia prostrata, Gypsophila desertorum, Ephedra spp.) and forbs (Wingard et al.
(2007) reported vertical distribution of soil nematodes in sandy lands after planting of Caragana microphylla in Horqin, China.