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any plant of the genus Caragana having even-pinnate leaves and mostly yellow flowers followed by seeds in a linear pod

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Cheng X, Huang M, Si BC, Yu M, Shao M (2013) The differences of water balance components of Caragana korshinkii grown in homogeneous and layered soils in the desert-Loess Plateau transition zone.
1 (from Caragana sinica (Buc'hoz) Rehder) which induced human ADAM 10 promoter activity to 134% yielded an induction to about 270% for the murine homologue.
Ingredients, chemical composition, and fatty acid profile of concentrate, herbages and hay Items Concentrate Herbages (1) Hay Thyme Licorice Caragana Ingredients (% of DM) Corn 59.
The floristic composition of plant cenoses of the steppe zone of Pavlodar region is not rich and is represented largely by xerophytes: Caragana frutex (L.
That year the birds were found along the caragana hedge-' rows between harvested wheat, pea and barley fields.
pygmy peashrub Caragana pygmaea, Ajania fruticulosa, Kochia prostrata, Gypsophila desertorum, Ephedra spp.
Veo elevadores de grano, setos de Caragana, las zonas verdes alrededor de Battle River: espejismos en esta region artica.
2007) reported vertical distribution of soil nematodes in sandy lands after planting of Caragana microphylla in Horqin, China.
As a covey of Huns flushed from a windrow of Caragana, I dropped an outgoing bird with the right barrel and then swung on a second bird flying to my left and grassed it with the left barrel.
It is a lucky day, and I feel extra lucky when I turn the corner of Mrs Odegard's street and see Bill out front, clipping her caragana hedge.
For example, the term tsher, "thorn", appears in a few compound basic names that designate plants having abundant thorns: spyang tsher, "wolf thorn" (Morina longifolia, Dhorpatan), and tsher sngon, "thorn blue" (Meconopsis horridula, Litang), mdzo tsher (synonym of mdzo mo shing, Caragana erinacea, Litang).
to extant Caragana in pollen morphology, was found in the Late
EVERGREEN, CO Drought-tolerant Manager Linda Zakes Sundance Gardens annuals, perennials, loves Caragana and Landscape and shrubs, as well arborescens 27866 Meadow Dr.
During the past three summers we had work crews from the Saskatchewan Penitentiary in Prince Albert come out for a varied number of days each year to help with the massive task of clearing the overgrown areas of poplar, caragana and deadfall.