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Synonyms for carafe

Synonyms for carafe

a bottle with a stopper


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To brew, add water and place the lid on the carafe with the plunger fully pulled up.
BEIRUT: It's a skill the Lebanese practice with nonchalant ease and foreigners struggle to perfect: the art of tilting a carafe at just the right pace and angle to deliver a perfect mouthful of water, easily swallowed, not a drop spilled.
Caribou Coffee and Keurig first entered into a partnership in January 2007 and now the companies have extended and broadened their partnership in the US and Canada to offer Caribou Coffee in carafe formats compatible with Keurig's new Keurig 2.0 brewing system for the home and Keurig Bolt carafe brewing system for commercial settings.
Available in three series, K500, K400 and K300, all 2.0 systems offer the ability to brew both a single cup using K-Cup packs and a carafe using the new K-Carafe pack.
He added: "Accordingly we view the free carafe of water as a service to our customers in line with traditional regional hospitality while simultaneously promoting sustainable practices.
People have rubber bands around them, and they leave a mess on the counter." Meanwhile, Domino's new curvilinear carafe and spiral-twist label incorporate intelligence from focus group participants who were asked why they like sugar.
Be a distinguished host as you invite colleagues and friends over with this glossy Gleam carafe set that will make a chic ornament at the end of your bar.
"When you took the carafe out, it had the bubble pop wrapping and it looked great.
The unit includes a 42-ounce glass carafe and a separate tea filter to brew tea.
THE SAMBA QUICK-PRESS CARAFE FROM EMSA BY FRIELING brings the latest fashion colors to consumers' tabletop assortment.
Answer: It is a late 19th/early 20th-century bronze inkwell in the form of a bearded Cossack holding a beaker and carafe, his arms restrained by a rope, with glass eyes and hinged lid, mounted on an oval plinth base.
Priced at CHF 3 for a half-litre carafe, it is a cheaper alternative to still mineral water; however, it comes with an extra benefit.
3 Pull the plug and let the coffee drip into the glass carafe.
Both Vineyard 518 wines sell for $4.50 a half glass, $7.50 a full glass and $15.50 a half carafe.
It does so with a large external milk carafe with a built-in cappuccinatore, which hooks directly to the front of the machine and automatically froths milk directly into the coffee cup.