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make a half turn on a horse, in dressage

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En junio de 2016, se realizo una recolecta de caracoles en el huerto Tio Simon, ubicado en las coordenadas 28.516094, -107.457420 a una altura de 2090 msnm.
Alli esta conformado por dos brazos, el mas austral caracterizado por un desfiladero y, desde este punto hasta su confluencia con el canadon principal, el Caracoles, la distancia aproximada es de 1.5 millas.
Diversos estudios han abordado los aspectos reproductivos de diferentes especies de caracoles del genero Pomacea (Lum-Kong & Kenny, 1989; Carreon-Palau, Uria-Galicia, Espinosa-Chavez, & Martinez-Jeronimo, 2003; Burks, Kyle, & Trawick, 2010; Wu et al., 2011; Posch, Garr, Pierce, & Davis, 2012).
Los residuos de alimento y del metabolismo de los caracoles, se eliminaron por sifoneo cada dos dias, restableciendo el volumen en cada tina.
Rather, it was the road to the Rama Naidu Studios that was of interest to me - a series of tight hairpin bends all the way up to the top of the hill where the Studios are located, a drive that would in my mind be somewhat akin to some of the most famous mountain roads in the world like for example the Los Caracoles Pass in the Andes between Chile and Argentina, or Alpine roads in Switzerland like the Oberalp Pass and the San Bernardino Pass and then of course there is the famous Stelvio Pass in Italy.
Marcos also oversaw the creation of caracoles (Spanish for snail-shells), largely autonomous indigenous villages that eschewed participation in Mexico's formal political arena and institutions.
The pulsing Flowers/that beat instead of wings lift only/her caracoles of hair.