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make a half turn on a horse, in dressage

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Old equipment or not, Caracole beer is a finer beer than any mass-produced malty beverage from the United States.
Neil Bartlett, I believe, is correct when he says that the absence of all homosexuals in Caracole is meant to alert the reader to how gay the novel really is since "a gay text is not the same thing as text `about' gayness.
L'Equateur caracole toujours en tete des qualifications sud-americaines pour le Mondial-2018 apres sa demonstration contre le Venezuela (3-1) mardi soir, tandis que l'Argentine s'est relancee grace a son premier succes sur la route de la Russie, en Colombie (1-0).
Standing out among the neutral gray and tan furniture found in most High Point showrooms, the new Live Love Laugh Collection from Caracole Light (a sub-brand of Caracole) grabbed attention with fabrics in yellow, pink, orange, blue, red and green.
Au terme de cette 2e journee, la Maroc caracole en tete avec 6 points, suivi de la Turquie (3 pts), de l'Albanie (1 pt) et de la Bosnie-Herzegovine (1 pt).
L'entraEneur du Barca, qui caracole en tete du Championnat d'Espagne apres un debut de saison record sans la moindre defaite, avait deja ete opere d'une tumeur a une glande salivaire il y un an.
He does recount how Sontag's son, David Rieff, came after him with a bullwhip at a party for Caracole (1985) but was "apprehended" before he could lash out.
Forgetting Elena certainly has its sociological side, but it's a sociology I invented--much as I would later do with Caracole.
beaucoup plus grand que], exhorte le triple champion d'Allemagne en titre, qui caracole en tete de la Bundesliga, avec deja sept points d'avance sur Dortmund.
Au terme des phases aller, en juin a Casablanca, et retour, en novembre a Tunis, le Maroc caracole en tete du classement de la zone Nord avec 10 points, suivi de la Tunisie (4 pts) et de la Libye (3 pts).
CARACOLE EMPHASIZED ITS FOCUS ON stylish home decor with fashion and furniture pairings at last month's High Point Market.
Dans le groupe C, LE[micro]w, meme s'il caracole seul en tete de poule avec l'Allemagne, se sait surveille au pays depuis la deception de la demi-finale de l'Euro perdue contre l'Italie.
With Caracole, a line developed specifically to speak to interior designers, the focus is also on creating furnishings meant to be used in more than one room.
For all the significant information about the genesis of White's 1985 novel Caracole and the rift with Susan Sontag and Richard Howard that it caused, Barber doesn't seem to have interviewed either individual.
Thus says one of the characters (as stylish as ever, but almost hysterical with boredom) in Caracole.