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any of various long-legged carrion-eating hawks of South America and Central America

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Studies have shown that; proportionally; the Southern Caracara feeds more on animals than plants (Rodriguez-Estrella & Rodriguez 1997, Sazima 2007; Travaini et al.
(2016) Southern caracara 7.84 [+ or -] BALDOTTO (Caracara plancus) 3.05 (2012) Striped owl 5.03 [+ or -] RODARTE-ALMEIDA (Asio clamator) 3.29 et al.
Surrounded by a colony of penguins, a beached whale carcass, caracara birds and a herd of sheep, she spends hours writing in a sunroom so thoroughly transparent she feels part of the weather.
sociabilis; 109 y 8.64) y el Caracara quebrantahuesos (Caracara cheriway Jacquin, 1784; 50 y 6.12).
A pair of striated caracara have produced their first two offspring at Kirkleatham Owl Centre, which had to administer a little TLC to one of them and as she has been named'Loud Lilly', she must be doing OK.
Impaled on a barbed wire fence is the carcass of a guanaco, licked clean by a puma, condors and caracara birds.
Entre os principais dispersores, citam-se o tapir ou anta (Tapirus terrestris) (QUIROGA-CASTRO e ROLDAN, 2001), a cutia (Dasiprocta aguti) (NASCIMENTO et al., 2004) e o falconideo carcara (Caracara plancus), sendo este ultimo associado a dispersao das sementes a longas distancias (GALETTI e GUIMARAES, 2004).
This includes new plantings and landscape lighting at the main entrance to the community center, new mulch and stone beds around the pavilion in Red Sail Park and the addition of flowerbeds on the corners of Caracara Drive and Cassowary Lane.
It is dividing point between the caracara and the handout mountains ranges.