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a soldier (historically a mounted soldier) who is armed with a carbine

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After a few failed coup attempts, the "Chilean path to socialism" was violently shut down in September 1973, after a military coup supported by most of the high command of the Armed Forces and Carabiniers.
Soldiers of the Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince attempted to defend the palace, but rather than inflict civilian casualties, they escorted Prinpe Albert I safely to French territory Prince Albert later agreed to accept a constitution and an elected parliament was established the following year.
Chambers, Histoire du 65eme Regiment Carabiniers Mont-Royal Montreal: La Compagnie d'lmprimerie Questin, 1906, hereinafter Chambers.
Perhaps the most useful part of the book is the very first chapter in which Smith differentiates the types of cavalry at the time of Napoleon and explains their missions: Heavy Cavalry, Light Cavalry (Hussars, chasseurs a cheval), Line Cavalry (Dragoons, Carabiniers, etc), and Lancers (Uhlans).
Finally, there were enough young Spaniards who had recently completed their periods of volunteer or compulsory service with the Colours or with the Civil Guards or Carabiniers to whom the military life remained attractive to ensure a good crop of recruits to choose from.
THE exploits of the internationally-renowned regiments linked with Cheshire are celebrated in this museum alongside Chester Castle: the exploits of the 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment, Cheshire Yeomanry, and representative collections of the 3rd Carabiniers and 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards, and the Eaton Hall Officer Cadet School.
The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards were formed in 1971 by the amalgamation of 3rd Carabiniers (Prince of Wales's Dragoon Guards) and The Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons).
The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards (the Carabiniers and the Greys) were there.
Showing `Contempt': The wide-screen, polished color cinematography and stylish '60s sweep of Jean-Luc Godard's ``Contempt'' were the French rebel director's defiant response to critics who lashed out at the dreary ambience of his previous film, the black-and-white anti-war allegory ``Les Carabiniers.
It was Tony Crease's idea to record it to fill up an album to mark the merging of two regiments - the Greys and the Carabiniers - to form the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.
In contrast to this innovation, Godard's treatment of warfare has strong parallels to the action in Les Carabiniers (1963), Weekend (1967) and the video Le Francais entendu par JLG (1988).
In a city where French Canadians accounted for 54 percent and Catholics for 73 percent of the population, the Carabiniers were almost exclusively francophone and Catholic; anglophone names amounted to no more than 2 percent of their numbers, (15) and were probably the product of 'mixed' marriages.
Invitation to tender : Bienne, rue des Carabiniers et rue de l~Octroi - Assainissement des canalisations et des chambres de controle.
Andrew Hook, 29, of Humber Road, Stoke, Coventry, pleaded guilty at the Crown Court at Leamington to the burglary of the couple's house in The Carabiniers, Stoke Aldermoor.
Les carabiniers et la police ont etabli rapidement un perimetre de securite autour du lycee et des artificiers etaient sur place.