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an oblong metal ring with a spring clip

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Each time I was required to unclip a carabiner from one metal cable and attach to a neighbouring one I felt my stomach churn and my heart race.
Complete with Sleadd's soft no-slip handle grips, solid-aluminum construction, and a sleek black carabiner to match, the upgrade is as much a fashion statement as it is a functional addition to your kids' back yard adventure.
Another advantage of this system is that only the linear brake system and the two carabiners are recoverable items.
Safe Buckets are equipped with an aluminum dual-locking carabiner load-rated for 6,700 lb.
Anything that can get in the way of casting an eel or jig from the tower to the bow is removed, and the most important specialized cobia rigging device, the carabiner pulley system, is rigged on every boat in the fleet.
8 All instructors and supervisors must check and double check that all knots, carabiners and others are properly tied and secured.
The climbing gear included ice axes, ropes, ice screws and a number of carabiners.
The company, called SMC for short, is in the business of making carabiners, pulleys and anything else needed for working with ropes.
Each of the 13 routes has a series of metal cables attached to the rock face and as you climb you are attached to the cable by two rope lanyards and carabiners.
Blood Pressure Cards, Bookmarks, Prayer Cords, Carabiners, Clip-Its, and other items are on our website at: www.
The carabiners are used for descent and for a lot more.
I'd be going to the mall to browse the magazine racks and I'd have to kit up with three guns, four flashlights, five knives, defibrillator, epi pen, rope, carabiners, medicinal brandy, Black's Legal Directory, Physician's Desk Reference, city and state maps, matches, bandages, fighting boots--I was always forgetting something.
ASTRONAUTS have a Welsh company to thank for their safety when they go walking in space - as the safety clips or carabiners that link them to space stations are designed and manufactured by DMM Engineering of Llanberis.
DMM Engineering is designing and making the safety clips, or carabiners, that link the astronauts to space stations.
They describe a variety of self-rescue procedures for teams of two or more that utilize items found on a typical climbing rack (rope, carabiners, slings, cord, etc.