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an oblong metal ring with a spring clip

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They are renowned the world over for their products, they are the largest producers of carabiners in the world and can successfully compete from North Wales against cheaper manufacturing bases elsewhere," said Dr Walker.
DMM makes the lightest and strongest carabiners in the world and its proprietary "off the shelf" brands are used by Nasa.
But he quickly moved on from peddling carabiners to clothing, as anyone who's strolled across a New England university campus can attest.
The Rock Climbing Section minimized rope burn while rappelling (then called "roping down") by feeding the rope through a carabiner, a metal link attached to their gear.
Certified, load-rated carabiners allow for quick attachments to either side of the tether.
The Hybrid comes with a tree strap, lineman's climbing belt, suspension relief strap/deer drag, two carabiners, printed instructions and an instructional DVD.
Additionally, the trade show banners feature (7) carabiners with wire to easily hang the units from the ceiling.
Except for rope, webbing and carabiners, units have had to locally purchase equipment "off the shelf." This has resulted in varied equipment that does not meet our subdued requirements.
The selection at Oregon Mountain Community ranges from carabiners and water purifiers to waterproof parkas and wool sweaters.
"At the top of your climb, you kiss the carabiners (kare-uh-BEE-ners) that hold the ropes," Hank explains.