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an oblong metal ring with a spring clip

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Three bridge options: Adjustable-length (17 "-37") Mil-Spec flat webbing that's openable; fixed-length (31") closed-loop Mil-Spec webbing; adjustable-length Samson 11mm Predator rope on a carabiner with Eye-and-Eye prusik attachment.
Throwing it around the tree trunk at head height, I threaded its length back through the loop on the end, bringing with it the ascender and carabiner so it hung directly in front of my chest.
"Carabiners are already an everyday carry item for a lot of people, and the Firebiner offers a unique design that can accomplish multiple tasks."
Features: 10-Hour Battery Life, Water and Dust-Proof (IP67), Wireless Dual Speaker Pairing, Speaker phone, Buoyant, Carabiner, Quick Charge
Some of my friends prefer bags that clip onto the waistband of their pants, or are clipped onto a belt loop on their pants with a carabiner. I find that bags fastened this way flop around too much, often spilling the treats in the process.
handrail and lean back until she hears the carabiner snap.
Each time I was required to unclip a carabiner from one metal cable and attach to a neighbouring one I felt my stomach churn and my heart race.
Three sling mounts are designed for both carabiner and web slings and the buttstock is ambidextrous.
It concluded circus staff had improperly loaded a carabiner clip.
So I fastened a small flashlight to a key ring and then clipped it to a carabiner that I got from the key-making department at the home center.
They included a Manu Arm .410 over-and-under shotgun, a Geko Carabiner shotgun and a Winchester .22 self-loading rifle, all of which required a firearms certificate.
I do not believe I clipped the carabiner to the wrong loop on the harness.
A Wheelchair Buddies set consists of a carabiner clip, a nylon strap and two of the Wheelchair Buddies modules.