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an oblong metal ring with a spring clip

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It also offers a removable carabiner attachment for alternative clipping to a backpack or purse.
In the last three years our agency has recruited the type of talent that excels in delivering outstanding client service and strategy-driven results," said Peter Baron, founder, Carabiner Communications.
May 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- HARMAN International Industries, Incorporated, introduces JBL Clip, the ultra-portable rechargeable teleconferencing speaker with integrated carabiner.
Minor axis of snap hook or carabiner, except those with captive eyes, must withstand 3,600 lbs.
0 search-optimized world businesses operate, it is more important than ever to incorporate new social media communications components into their overall marketing plan," said Peter Baron, founder, Carabiner Communications.
56 x45 mm NATO missile type "Frangible" (ie brittle) for use with carabiner HK 416 and G 36 H & K in quantities of 115,000 units
Hazard: The carabiner gate may open under a heavy load, posing a risk of serious injury or death if the climber falls.
Since early summer, we've noticed a surge in activity from start-up and high growth technology companies looking for professional marketing communications support," said Peter Baron, founder, Carabiner Communications.
Gear tags included "nice gate action" for a carabiner, "windproof," "great fit," "stylish," "breathable" and "comfy.
Additionally, every piece comes with a recycled aluminum carabiner, making them even more convenient and easy to use.
With touch-sensitivity on the protected click wheel, the Flip-Top Hard Case is customizable with an included lanyard and carabiner.
Along with the great mobility offered by BlackRapid products through specifications that enable on-the-go shooting with a mechanism that allows the camera to slide diagonally up and down the shoulder strap, a system that utilizes the camera's tripod socket so that the camera hangs upside down for a smooth grip, a shoulder pad that effectively distributes weight for less burden, and an under-arm tether that holds the strap firmly in place, these two new straps offer an even greater sense of security with a safety strap that prevents the camera from falling in the unlikely event the fastener comes loose, and a cover that prevents the carabiner that connects the strap to the camera from scratching the camera body.
2 execution and delivery of bags made in the case of plastic carabiner with logo campaign and website address: www.
Media Contact: Kathy Cabrera Carabiner Communications 770.
During the courting phase, our two R&D teams worked together to develop several new products, including a revolutionary bungee cord with a built-in carabiner style hook.