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a soldier (historically a mounted soldier) who is armed with a carbine

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On the high ropes (left) we got to learn how to use a carabineer and to keep ourselves safe by attaching it to the rigging
The trainer attached three resistance bands to a D-ring with carabineer clips and secured them to a fencepost using nylon webbing strap.
It can also be clipped onto you with the integrated handle carabineer clip, and youeIUll always have your tunes when you need them most.
Additional features include a built-in storage pouch, drawstring and carabineer that give the product a small footprint and allow for maximum portability, sharing between vehicles and stowage.
Featuring five different die-cut holds (finger tabs, carabineer closures, belt style tabs, U-shaped pop ups, and semi-circle end flaps), the recyclable tray uses 32 percent less packaging material and 50 percent less weight than a thermoformed tray.
Hot pink accents, a carabineer, tree strap and suspension relief strap round out the Micro Harness package.
The four new models include carabineer and loop attachments, as well as accessory packs.
Clipped onto Shane's body armor was a carabineer. A remote with a small screen hung from it.
Included are 300 feet of 400-pound monofilament, 36 stainless steel swivels, 75 nickel-plated brass crimps and three carabineer clips.
It is made of wide straps that are easy to put on and comes with comes a heavy-duty safety rope with a sliding Prusic hitch for getting safely up and down the tree, a lightweight sewn fabric back and a high-quality locking carabineer and snap clip to convert the safety rope into a lineman's belt.
The leash can be hooked to waist belts that are designed for that purpose, or clipped to your belt or belt-loop with a carabineer. Your WCCS dog can't zoom around the house if he's glued to your side.
EcoUsable bottles are extremely lightweight, meant for any cold beverage and offered in 3 sizes:10oz -- So kids can have their 'own' bottle to include with their lunch boxes16oz -- Original size bottle with universal appeal33oz -- Great for travel, the gym or those with a big thirst* Over 50 different bottle colors and designs to choose from* Bottles feature a simple half-turn loop top for very easy on/off access* Bottles include a skid proof black mat bottom* Bottles also come with a carabineer so you can attach it to your purse, buckle or backpack 2010 Al Bawaba (www.
A pocket on each side holds two D-rings to attach the straps to the carabineer clips.
The Clip & Go bottle features a carabineer clip and capacity markings, and the Sip & Gulp Smoothie, designed for smoothies and other drinks, features both a straw hole and a larger "gulp" opening.
I had forgotten to hook my carabineer into my glider.