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Pour l'heure, la seule etude historique dont nous disposons qui s'attarde a l'arriere-fond intellectuel de Pax Romana au Canada francais, est incluse dans les quelques pages que Nicole Neatby lui consacre dans son ouvrage Carabins ou activistes ?
Burdock and Carabine reviewed the safety assessment of sandalwood oil and [alpha]-santalol and concluded that consumption of sandalwood oil is considered safe at present use levels (Burdock and Carabin 2008).
As Carabin notes, this work has received little attention over the years.
First Orafti Research Conference (1995), cited in Carabin and Flamm (1999).
Carabin H, Krecek RC, Cowan LD, Michael L, Foyaca-Sibat H, Nash T, Willingham AL.
Philippe Carabin has been named chief executive officer of Eliokem International.
Carabin correctly translates the word as a guide or introduction.
The taxi driver, who has given a statement saying Richardson was in his taxi, is father of cocaine baron James Carabin.
Il publie dans les journaux etudiants Carabin et Vie etudiante des articles consacres a la theologie, a l'education, des critiques de spectacle et dans les revues universitaires Hermes et Pedagogie et orientation.
Philippe Carabin has been appointed chief financial officer.
The problem is, according to Ioana Carabin, MD, president and medical director, Women's Health Sciences Institute--a 501 (c)(3), non-profit organization--and a consultant to Burdock Group, Washington, D.
Loie Fuller was the subject of a series of sculptures by Carabin, as well as other mementos, and a film of her dancing is shown above fourteen variations (borrowed from ten collections) of Lautrec's ethereal lithograph, each printed in a unique colour combination.
Fernand Dumont, [much less than] L'heure dominicale ou la maladie infantile du catholicisme [much greater than], Le Carabin, IX, 25, 15 mars, 1950, p.
Kim Carabin, manager, sales and marketing decision support, Mead School & Office Products, point out that supermarkets are not getting their fair share of the back-to-school season.
We are very excited about the benefits this innovation brings to the water repellent market," says Vince Carabin, North American business director.