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water buffalo of the Philippines

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Tabuada said ruminants like cow, carabao, and goats are mostly raised In Iloilo's first district while swine and poultry are common to almost all parts of the province
The country sources its milk from three dairy animal types, namely cattle, carabao and goat.
Incidentally NS Topacio followed the footsteps of his equally illustrious father, Teodulo Topacio Senior, who played a key role in the eradication of rinderpest, a dreaded disease which decimated our cattle and carabaos in the 1920s.
Coming from different farms in Pulilan, as well as neighboring towns and provinces as far as Nueva Ecija, the carabaos paraded in front of the San Isidro Labrador Church and kneeled alongside their owners at the town plaza.
Data from PSA bared that Davao Region's carabao production reached to 2,586 metric tons as of the first quarter, which increased from 2,567 metric tons in the same period last year.
I learned that carabaos cannot stand continuous exposure to hot sun because they do not have skin pores except in their noses." These days, the lawyer/gentleman farmer spends most of his free time in his Learning Center and Farm.
He received a quick description of what carabaos do from this writer before he nodded his head in appreciation.
They were thrilled no end as they had a tour around Villa Escudero riding on two-wheeled carts complete with grass roofs pulled slowly by handsome carabaos.
Del Barrio's team used the D-loop mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid (mtDNA) approach in measuring the genetic link between samples taken from carabaos in the Philippines and in China.
Carabaos are precious amongKalinga villagers because they are butchered during cultural rituals and tribal occasions.
Our guide said Marlboro Hills isn't just an attraction, but also a pastureland for cows and carabaos. As we made our way to the viewpoint, we passed by grazing cows and stunning vistas.
PSSgt Randy Abello, the traffic investigator, said four carabaos were crossing the street when one of them was allegedly hit by the ambulance driven by 53-year-old Renato Panabi of La Carlota City.
When I asked the barangay captain, a farmer, what he would ask government if entitled to one request, his reply was: 'Carabaos, so we could till our land.' His barangay, located in a plateau up a difficult mountain trail, was noticeably devoid of productive crops, with mostly large areas of grassland punctuated by a handful of coconut and fruit trees.