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water buffalo of the Philippines

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The Philippines, through the Philippine Carabao Center, had a history of importing Murrah buffaloes which are FMD-susceptible animals from a region in Brazil with FMD-free with vaccination status when the Philippines was then recognized as having a zone with FMD-free with vaccination status also,' the document read.
Meanwhile, animal diseases were treated and the breakdown are as follows: 3,469 poultry, 791 for swine, 548 for cattle, 270 heads for carabaos, 246 goats and 161 of dogs.
Family entertainment Condos More convenient parking: garage or slanted, one way parking for tight areas More parking at Chamorro Village A boardwalk By entertainment= more cultural activities; it plays a huge attraction and also cultural huts, or carabaos, or even what they used back then Busy City Environs Clean, Agana River, used for light kayaking with small outside eateries along the banks.
1) Carabaos are the local water buffalo, used as beasts of burden
He also happily reported, 'the stealing of carabaos and slaveholding have decreased' since the Moros have been able 'to engage in agricultural pursuits and to gather produce from the seas and to bring the results of their labor into town'.
Los Animales Carabaos, Bacas y Caballos, tambien han padecido y padecen por los malos pastos.
Photo entries ran the gamut from a view of the cliffs below the UOG Marine Lab, the canons at Fort Soledad and Adelup, Asan War in the Pacific Park, and Piti bomb holes, to a flame tree, a coconut crab, carabaos, snails, mangos, and a clown fish.
They also arrested three people suspected to be involved in illegal logging and recovered 16 carabaos used to transport the logs.
The silage is good for small ruminants (goat and sheep) as well as large ones like dairy cattle, fattening cattle and carabaos.
Here, agriculture is seen as activity of poor people; you see guys behind their carabaos,' the Argentine ambassador noticed.
65 million which includes 2,325 poultry heads, 351 goats, 363 swines and some carabaos and cattle.
Under the animal dispersal program, animals such as goats, pigs and carabaos are given for free to farmers and organizations.
An outbreak of hemorrhagic septicemia among carabaos in Northern Samer.
Del Barrio's team used the D-loop mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid (mtDNA) approach in measuring the genetic link between samples taken from carabaos in the Philippines and in China.