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Synonyms for carat

a unit of weight for precious stones = 200 mg

the unit of measurement for the proportion of gold in an alloy


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The Brilliance S30 sold only two cars, while Geely Pandino, Brilliance FSV, and Brilliance H530 sold one car.
With this being the case, if you buy from a private individual ask lots of questions about the car and insist that all answers are provided to you in writing, as this will extend the description of the car. 2 Check the paperwork
2Check 2 Check the paperwork THIS is an essential part of the purchase as the car's paperwork provides information on the history and ownership of the car. THE REGISTRATION DOCUMENT (V5): Check: | That the person selling the car is shown as the keeper of the car.
In January 2013 Elite demanded Mr Khyami repay the loan, and threatened to enforce against the car. The loan made by Elite to Mr Khyami was itself financed by Elite by loans from other parties.
When purchasing a car seat consider the size of the seat and how the seat will fit into the car. If you plan to fit multiple car seats along one back seat, look for a slimmer design.
finding a car. "Car?" a request to find another car.
"There is no joy in driving a car anymore; Erbil is stuffed with cars, and when you go to market you can't find a place to park your car." He often takes a taxi to market to avoid parking issues.
JAMES Finlayson of City Car Club says car sharing gives drivers the best of both worlds as they can still drive and they don't have to pay for the running costs of a car.
That discovery spurred Brent on to do some background research to learn about the factors that could affect the speed of an electric car. In addition to searching the library and the Internet for information, Brent asked for help from engineers at Weber State University, near his home in Utah.
* Chi energy is essentially the overall "feel" of the car. Catchpole determined that the chi of the car is what drives consumers to choose a particular car in the first place.
From the outset, the engine's power output has always been set at 1,001 hp with a maximum torque of 1,258 Nm (927 lb-ft), yet it must have the levels of luxury and refinement characteristic of a fine motor car. As the senior program manager at Ricardo in the UK, Mike Everitt has been involved with the project from the start, over five years ago.
Wait until after there is an agreement on the purchase of the new car. If you still owe on your current car, trading it in may not be the best option.
For the young Le Corbusier, a house was a 'machine for living in', a kind of static car. In the future it would employ all the latest techniques and advances made in the world of Voison.
"You look at the car. And after, you export it." Ahmad's English is now as rusty as the exhaust pipes on an old Chevy, and he is relieved to switch to Japanese, which he speaks fluently.