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take someone's car from him by force, usually with the intention of stealing it

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Bradford Crown Court heard that the Audi had not been recovered and a week later Shabir tried to car-jack another car belonging to a University of Huddersfield student.
Milbourne got a plastic car-jack from his car boot and hit Mr Murphy over the head with it, cutting his scalp.
Most insurers will meet the full cost of a car-jack claim unless the claimant has completely disregarded their 'duty of care' - for example leaving the keys in the ignition of your car while going to pay for your petrol and then confronting the criminal while they are trying to steal your car.
The 22-year-old admitted fabricating the car-jack tale in the hope of making an insurance claim and at Wolverhampton Crown Court he was jailed for six months after admitting attempting to pervert the course of justice.
He argued with lifeguards, took on four policemen, tried to car-jack two passing vehicles, overcame CS gas and truncheon blows to the head before being overwhelmed - still in his swimming shorts - at a roundabout near Tynemouth pool, North Tyneside.
It is the second car-jack incident in the region in just three days after another driver had her car robbed at gunpoint in Liverpool.
A woman rugby-tackled a robber to the ground when he tried to car-jack her.
Their long list of car-jack victims included BRMB DJ Ian Danter.
TWO men carried out a daring car-jack and escaped at high speed slamming into a string of parked cars.
POLICE have found the car stolen on Tuesday night in Frenaros by an unknown thief who car-jacked a man in Frenaros, making off with the car and a briefcase with around e1/470,000 belonging to the driver.