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a ferry that transports motor vehicles

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Tunis/Genes, vendredi 7 mars a 15h a bord de Car-ferry Carthage
Tunis/Marseille, samedi 8 mars a 13h30 a bord de Car-ferry francais Casanova
Marseille/Tunis, vendredi 7 mars a 10h30 a bord de Car-ferry francais Casanova
On a four-hour car-ferry ride up the Inside Passage from Juneau to Haines, when we weren't locked in fog, we were looking at waterfalls cascading over sheer cliffs; high, bright-green meadows bordered by dark spruce forests; or tongues of blue-green ice protruding from between snow-capped mountains.
Cette legere baisse est expliquee, entre autres, par l'ouverture d'une ligne maritime Alger-Alicante et par la multiplication des dessertes au niveau du port de Ghazaouet, avec l'affretement du car-ferry [beaucoup moins que] Elyos [beaucoup plus grand que] .
TUNIS (TAP) - The new car-ferry "Tanit" is expected next Saturday at 03:00 p.
He reminded, in this connection, that this 357-million-dinar car-ferry (20% Tunisian funding and 80% from European banks) has a hosting capacity of 3,200 passengers and 1,060 cars.
L'immobilisation du car-ferry a ete justifiee par la non-conformite des canots de sauvetage aux normes de securite requises par la reglementation.
SFAX, March 1, 2011 (TAP) - Port authorities, the National Army and the Tunisian Red Crescent are striving in co-ordination with the Egyptian authorities to organise, on Tuesday evening, the trip of El Habib car-ferry, of the Tunisian Navigation Company (CTN), to repatriate some 1,500 Egyptian refugees from Sfax to Alexandria.
Ainsi, la traversee du car-ferry El-Djazair II entre Oran et Alicante (Espagne), prevue lundi dernier, a ete reportee popur aujourd'hui, tandis que celle de retour Alicante-Oran, programmee pour ier, a ete reportee a demain.
He added, in a statement to TAP agency, that following the appeal for help launched by 3,500 Egyptian citizens who had arrived in Gabes, 1,400 were transferred to the commercial port of Sfax to take them back to Egypt onboard of El Habib car-ferry of the Tunisian National Shipping Company (CTN).
About 1,200 other Egyptians will also be evacuated on Wednesday morning aboard Egyptian Haleyb car-ferry from the port of Zarzis, he said, adding that the 700 persons still waiting will be repatriated by air thanks to aircraft rented from the Tunisian Nouvelair company.
En fait, ce n'etait pas le seul desagrement rencontre a bord du car-ferry.