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Could the institution organise suitable analysis and publicise its "best wheel award", together with a "wooden spoon award" each year for car wheels currently on the market?
FIRE INQUIRY: The scene of destruction at the car wheel and exhaust depot and below, owners Ghafoor and Shakoor Hussain Pictures by PETER REIMANN
Early in 1990s service life of the railway car wheel pairs reduced to 4--5 years because of high intensity of wear of flanges and the need to reduce rim thickness when renovating profile of the wheels [2].
The three steel manufacturing companies will include an automotive parts and car wheel plant, a rod mill and a barbed wire and cable company, said Prime Minister Patrick Manning.
She was probably relieved to see George behind the car wheel rather than on top of the bonnet
Figure 4 compares an acceptable railroad car wheel flange (left) and a worn flange (right).
Isadora Duncan was remembered as much for her flowing Grecian tunics and the long scarf that caught in a car wheel and strangled her as she was for her work.
Recycled car wheel hubs form vents, and old beer bottle bottoms, placed end to end, are used in p laces as glass bricks (rather to the initial distress of the Muslim general contractor, who later become reconciled to the technique).
Thus, under general principles of tax law, there is a mismatch in the timing of the seller's amount realized and the buyer's basis; see Albany Car Wheel Co.
The patented new technology, developed by Michelin and Maxion Wheels for the passenger car wheel market, incorporates two flexible rubber flanges mounted on a special wheel body to create a flexible wheel that improves the ride and comfort and also absorbs impacts from potholes and curbs.
Some time ago, there was an ill-fitting manhole cover near Golden Oryx that made such a loud noise every time a car wheel drove over it that drivers were alarmed and distracted.
But, sales of car wheel rims -- the mainstay of the company-- registered a decline of over 24 percent in October.
In one case last year heavily-pregnant Paula Maguire, of Deganwy, was fined after her car wheel was overlapping a bay by less than an inch in Trinity Square, Llandudno.
DW120108Autosport05 ; George Smith, aged six, came to see the big trucks on display at the show DW120108Autosport04 ; Annabelle Chandler holds up a MItsubishi rally car TR100108AUTO-2 ; One of the girls on the Super League Formula stand, the formula for single-seater racing cars; Tina Anderson looks at a row of Formula One cars TR100108AUTO-9 ; Model Stacey Hamlin with a race car wheel TR100108AUTO-14
Trinidad & Tobago fans may be outnumbered, but if you don't see them coming, dressed in carnival, red-feathered headdresses or walking on stilts, then you're likely to hear them, singing and banging out Soca music -- an uptempto form of Calypso -- on some sort of rudimentary instrument, such as an empty bottle, sea shells, a couple of sticks or the rim of a car wheel.