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Could the institution organise suitable analysis and publicise its "best wheel award", together with a "wooden spoon award" each year for car wheels currently on the market?
At the recent Fakuma show in Germany, BASF AG showed off what it says is the first all-plastic car wheel that's ready for high-volume production.
Council leader Arnold Woolley, whose Buckley ward includes Lyme Grove, said incidents have included: residents shouting obscene remarks at neighbours, car wheel nuts loosened under cover of darkness, numerous incidents of criminal damage, rowing in the street and malicious damage to property.
BBC presenters had to be watched over by two first-aiders as they changed a car wheel, a spokeswoman confirmed yesterday.
Among the cited cases was a hedgehog whose head was stuck in a discarded can, a fox whose head was trapped in a car wheel, a swan poisoned by lead fishing weights with a hook piercing its neck, and a duck whose foot had been chopped off by fishing line.
At the same time technologies for renovation of the railway car wheel profile by the method of surfacing of worn tread surfaces (Figure 2, curve 2) using low-carbon wire [5, 12, 13] are not introduced in repair of rolling stock in CIS countries.
The three steel manufacturing companies will include an automotive parts and car wheel plant, a rod mill and a barbed wire and cable company, said Prime Minister Patrick Manning.
"She was probably relieved to see George behind the car wheel rather than on top of the bonnet!"
Figure 4 compares an acceptable railroad car wheel flange (left) and a worn flange (right).
Isadora Duncan was remembered as much for her flowing Grecian tunics and the long scarf that caught in a car wheel and strangled her as she was for her work.
Recycled car wheel hubs form vents, and old beer bottle bottoms, placed end to end, are used in p laces as glass bricks (rather to the initial distress of the Muslim general contractor, who later become reconciled to the technique).
Thus, under general principles of tax law, there is a mismatch in the timing of the seller's amount realized and the buyer's basis; see Albany Car Wheel Co., Inc., 333 F2d 653 (2d Cir.
A woman who was exposed to asbestos while working at a car wheel factory died of an industrial disease, a coroner has ruled.
Some time ago, there was an ill-fitting manhole cover near Golden Oryx that made such a loud noise every time a car wheel drove over it that drivers were alarmed and distracted.