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a train that transports passengers and their automobiles

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On the car train we slept on the floor like hobos." Her husband Steve praised two Brit off-duty cops who calmed passengers.
For example on the Cross City line the current three car trains can be replaced by six car trains, on the Coventry line eight car trains can be run as opposed to the current four, and on the Snow Hill line three or four car services will be able to run five or six cars."
A spokesman for GTR said: "We are pleased that the court has granted us an injunction that Aslef must not induce our drivers to refuse to operate the new 12 car trains. Gatwick Express services have operated without conductors operating the doors for 17 years, so we were never able to understand why the Aslef union objected to the operation of these new trains in the same way."
The growth, she said, was attributable to the more advertising space from the new 35 single car trains on Sukhumvit line which extended from 3-car trains to 4-car trains since May 2013.
Many people use stations on the old CLC line from Manchester through Widnes as a "park and ride", and change onto the Northern Line at Hunts Cross, thereby avoiding much of the scrum at Central, especially as the some-times promised six car trains do not materialise.
At the Grand Central Shuttle Station, platforms will be lengthened to accommodate five car trains.
'We have only five sets of two car trains operating at the moment and this has caused the frequency of the service to be very irregular,' he said.
Autonomous vehicles, car trains, and collision avoidance and mitigation systems are just some of the many possible innovations that are likely to be developed at the new centre.
They are now evaluating the results of the trial to decide when single car trains could be used in future to reduce energy consumption.