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Overall passenger car traffic rose by 1% to 2.15m in the three months to September - its best third-quarter result since 1998.
Paris is regularly affected by pollution and haze, and car traffic has been reduced by partial bans in the past.
Doing so would reduce CO2 emissions by at least 50 million tonnes a year, prevent 3,000 fatal accidents annually, limit congestion in cities through a 10% to 15% cut in car traffic and create four million new jobs, they explain.
Munich police restricted car traffic at the Oktoberfest and detained two Islamic extremists after al-Qaeda threats against Germany suggested the world's largest beer festival could be a terror target.
Giving up just one car journey a week would take 10% of car traffic off our roads, giving us healthier journeys, cleaner air and quieter streets.
Delanoe is hoping for a 40 percent reduction in car traffic in Paris by 2020.
Velib was conceived by Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe, who is aiming for a 40 percent reduction in car traffic by 2020.
In more detail car traffic was 0.4% lower but light vans increased by about 5% with goods vehicle traffic rising by 0.8%.
Car traffic in 2005 was an estimated 0.4 per cent lower than the previous year but still accounted for 79 per cent of road traffic.
But Tompkins said car traffic is an integral part of Times Square, and businesses in the area, especially the theater district, would be severely impacted should future plans call for the reduction of vehicular traffic.
CHANNEL Tunnel operators Euro-tunnel saw car traffic fall by eight per cent last year.
Shigehara, believed to be the driver, apparently tried to drive through the crossing, which is barred to car traffic and has no crossing bar nor security alarm.
The remainder of the text is divided into four parts which examine how various countries coped with the new invention, the effect of motorised traffic on social life and on the landscape, the technological advances made in the car industry during the twentieth century and, finally, the effect of car traffic on everyday life.
And car traffic in the first three months of this year was an one per cent higher than in the same period of 2002.
The revenues from the car traffic over the Oresund bridge increased by 10.4% to DKK436.8m, while the fixed revenues from rail traffic amounted to DKK185.7m.