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a tire consisting of a rubber ring around the rim of an automobile wheel

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Listyowati added that so far, Indonesia has only exported car tires to Kazakhstan instead of building a factory there due to certain obstacles.
It said that Israeli Supreme Court will rule on a petition filed by settlers of Kfar Adumim demanding the demolition of a Bedouin school which is ecologically built of mud and used car tires.
In today's hectic business schedules, it might be difficult for you to check out all the features of car tires.
The soles of Splaff Flopps are cut from recycled race car tires and the strap is fashioned from a recycled bicycle inner tube lined with natural hemp fabric; the foot bed is made from 100% recycled rubber and foam.
In April 2004 Amerityre successfully completed testing to Federal Motor Safety Vehicle Standard (FMVSS) 109 with its Arcus run-flat design passenger car tire and in November 2007 successfully completed testing to the new FMVSS 139 specification.
Lee Iaccoca has signed on as an advisor with the startling assertion: "In my 40-plus years experience in the automotive industry, Amerityre's car tire technology has the most potential to change the industry as we know it.
The majority of local Chinese tire producers take CV tire as their core business as the passenger car tire market is dominated by foreign vendors.
36 Year established Truck, SUV, Car Tire Dealer, aligment and balancing for the truck industry.
The tire producer operates car tire factory since 1978 in Tangerang, Banten.
After taking a leave of absence from her job as an attorney in 1995, Gilson tracked down a company that would take recycled car tire crumb and mix it with natural rubber to create a material suitable for stitching into bags.
Silica is responsible for car tire performance, particularly in the tread while carbon black helps truck tires to receive good abrasion resistance.
Chinese Passenger Car Tire OE Market Share Distribution of Key Manufacturers, 2008
Closing a framework agreement with one supplier that includes: O provide car tires for passenger truck, Land park and horticultural machinery and industry; O can perform repairs to car tires; O balancing wheels, Aligning and ed; O offer opportunity for summer and winter tires; O 24-hour service and organizing (emergency) assistance 365 days a year; O taking carcasses and providing them with a new tread (cover); O car tire inspection on the fleet; O delivering management reports; O providing advice on using tires.