car sickness

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motion sickness experienced while traveling in a car

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Depending on the circumstance, it can be called car sickness, airsickness or sea sickness.
Comfort is a huge focus for the way we design the cars of the future - and we want to do everything we can to reduce car sickness.
Comfort is a huge focus in the way we design the cars of the future and we want to do everything we can to reduce car sickness.
Dubai: Car sickness is prevalent among a significant number of passengers and can be controlled by some simple steps like improved driving behaviour, watching the road, moving the seats, among other things, a recent study has revealed.
The client needed to drive to work everyday, and the car sickness was so significant that the dog was becoming generally anxious and was losing his willingness to work," White says.
The second phase involves asking about life history of headache, such as having car sickness or abdominal pains as a child.
Always remember as a kid being in the back of car and suffering from car sickness and if someone was smoking it made me feel awful
If yes, here are some tips on how to prevent car sickness.
uk has found nearly two thirds of parents have a child who suffers from car sickness,* and parents with car sick kids who are planning a long journey should be prepared to hear the words "I feel sick" after just 22 minutes.
My son suffers from travel sickness and I find giving him a ginger biscuit during a car or boat journey really helps ward of car sickness.
It centres on Kevin Rutley, who we meet after he has suffered a bout of car sickness in his nan's car.
Indeed, pet behavioural problems are numerous, and can include destructive behaviour in cats, barking, chewing, car sickness and separation anxiety.
My parents used to make excuses that I suffered from car sickness.
The most common response to supplier CAR sickness is escalation--that is, raise the issue at higher and higher levels within both organizations until a resolution is agreed.
I tried to ignore this strong car sickness sensation, but the next thing I'm flat on my side, dizzy as can be.