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Synonyms for car

Synonyms for car

a motor vehicle with four wheels

the compartment that is suspended from an airship and that carries personnel and the cargo and the power plant

where passengers ride up and down

a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway

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They calculate that if 1 driver in 10 has a car phone by the year 2000, driving while phoning could cost the United States alone up to $4 billion per year.
Clarity's CVC(r) noise and echo suppression software suite is integrated in the new M900 car phone providing natural sounding voice quality in the high noise environment of an automobile by eliminating background noise in addition to enhancing voice quality and speech recognition accuracy.
In Massachusetts, car phones are permitted as long as drivers keep one hand on the steering wheel at all times.
Bluetooth Wireless Headsets, Wired Headsets, Thumb QWERTY Keyboards, Foldout full-size QWERTY Keyboards, Digital camera accessories, Connectors/cables for synching, Car Chargers, Phone Faceplates, Extra Batteries, Leather Cases, Car Phone Holders, Memory Cards, Hands-free Car Kit, Belt Holster, Car Antenna, Screen Protectors, Stickers, Housings & Handstraps.
The Beatle wrote them on the back of a letter demanding pounds 12 for a car phone and threatening legal action.
This allows any mobile phone located in a vehicle to call out via the car phone and be operated hands-free.
CeBIT -- Motorola , a global leader in wireless and automotive communications, announces the launch of the Motorola M900 GSM Fixed Mobile Car Phone.
The Burbank couple was living out one of this city's worst nightmares - a wife frantically calling her husband at home from her car phone, telling him she was sitting in her stranded car that had just died in the No.
To keep in touch with her office, clients and home, Miller says, "I couldn't live without my car phone.
Margulies called one of the board members at the time, Bruce Wittenberg, who called back from his car phone and was coincidentally driving by the building.
The request for pounds 12 3s was sent by the GPO to Lennon on April 25, 1966, requesting payment for his outstanding car phone bill.
What I find is that when I'm able to be still in one place, when I cannot be in my car talking on my car phone, but surrounded by beautiful trees, mountains, flowers, I'm much more open to looking at myself and listening to others,''Bycel said.
A spokeswoman for Mr Ahern said: "The Taoiseach makes very limited use of this car phone and when he does, it is predominantly to receive calls from his office.
Nokia Smart Traffic Products introduces at IAA '99 its Telematics Unit and the recently launched powerful GSM car phone Nokia 6090, which was designed to meet the increasing demands of professional car phone users.
The wireless technology that started as a car phone for business people is now proving to be an incredible outlet for personal entertainment as well.