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a mirror that the driver of a car can use

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It got to the stage where I used to look in my car mirror and was convinced I was being followed," admitted Branfoot.
I remember leaving home, looking at myself in the car mirror and I looked ill.
He was again asked to leave and lashed out and struck Mr Kerr and kicked and damaged the car mirror.
The technology development began in the mid 80's, but we needed a tool like SolidWorks([R]) to reduce the size of the componentry so it would fit unobtrusively on a car mirror," said Novita mechanical design engineer Chad Ice.
I was thankful for the car mirror and that I had used it.
Pilkington's car mirror factory at Oldbury, which employs 90 people, is included in the sale but its automotive glass factory in Kings Norton is not.
Paul, wearing designer jeans and white zip-up jumper and having checked in the car mirror that his hair is immaculately gelled, slips into the lobby clutching a small black overnight bag.
Gazza, 40, checked his appearance in the car mirror as he was driven from the Middleton St George Hospital to his dad's house at 4.
He said someone then fired a shot at him which hit the car mirror, only missing him by centimetres.
COVER STAR Victoria REAR VIEW Posh admires her glamorous reflection in a car mirror
And for those of us who have been resident in this part of the world for a number of years, we regularly observe through our day-to-day contact with friends and colleagues the blue eye pinned on their baby or dangling from the rearview car mirror, and we realize it is believed to keep the bearer out of harm's way.
At the moment (it could change completely by tomorrow), my car mirror holds five objects.
South Dakota Representative Tom Van Norman, in the Rapid City Journal, on being pulled over for having an eagle feather hanging from his inside car mirror.
Results: My teeth felt dazzling when I looked in the mirror at the surgery and I kept checking them in the car mirror as I drove home.
You may occasionally see a male magpie-lark furiously attacking an `intruder' in a window or car mirror within his territory