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The consequence of this is that car makers here are cutting UK parts sourcing from 70pc to less than 50pc, which is an enormous change in purchasing patterns, " he said.
All it takes is for one major car maker to break ranks and let British buyers enjoy the benefit of what a European free market should be.
Car makers that participate in the state's arbitration process must resolve consumer disputes within 40 days after a customer applies for an arbitration hearing.
Many other foreign car makers have reported strong sales in the world's second-largest car market, as they rolled out new models.
Tougher credit conditions are also believed to have led to a change in demands from potential bidders who are keen for parent company Fordtoretain a large minority stake in the two car makers.
The survey asks dealers to judge the car makers on various aspects of the business, including supply of cars and parts, warranty and marketing.
A new award for the best all-round performance by a car maker in 2003 has been won by Honda.
But parent group Vickers believe there could still be further interest in buying the millionaires' chosen car maker.
With five times more profit on an X-Type compared with the US market, due to the dif ference in currency exchange rates, the car maker is keen to establish a bigger presence in Russia as well as the Turkish, Asia Pacific and South African markets.
First production models of the Note began rolling off the lines at Sunderland last month and the car maker is due to start making the Qashqai in December, when it will take on an extra 200 workers.
Existing owners' warranties will be unaffected and Hyundai will remain the only car maker in the UK to offer an unlimited mileage fully transferable five year warranty across its entire range of vehicles.
VOLKSWAGEN is to open a new factory in China next year to boost production capacity that the German car maker said it needs to meet the booming demand in the world's fastest-growingmarket.
An Indonesian car maker, Indomobil Suzuki Internasional, said it faces difficulty in entering the Thai market because of the difference in perception of the local content agreement.
At least one Japanese car maker, Nissan, is conducting research on PP bumper recycling (PT, Oct.
Aftermarket MP3 solutions start at around $50, whereas car maker solutions start at hundreds of dollars and, generally, OEM availability and promotion of automotive digital music solutions is extremely poor.