car insurance

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insurance against loss due to theft or traffic accidents

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About 40 per cent of all new car insurance and a fifth of home cover is now arranged online.
Depending where the consumer lives he/she will be presented with a list of car insurance companies easily recognized by their associated trademarks and logos.
looks at the whole of the UK Car Insurance market to see which brands are offering the best policies.
July saw an $8 increase in the national car insurance premium average.
Shopping for car insurance has never been easier thanks to a new and improved search engine that allows clients to select the terms of their future policies.
Today, however, Metromile announced the introduction of the state's first and only pay-per-mile car insurance model to New Jersey drivers, a solution that saves the typical customer nearly $500 annually.
Keeping in mind that premium increases can vary drastically from place to place, our list illustrates where drivers face much higher car insurance increases after a DUI conviction.
But Janet Connor, managing director of AA Insurance, said she does not expect the current trend for falling car insurance premiums to continue.
If car owners own a collectible vehicle, than they may qualify for either classic or antique car insurance.
After the first few weeks of launch, there has been a growth of 33 per cent in car insurance sales compared to the prior period.
The firm, which runs offices in Cardiff, Swansea and Newport, also saw its third quarter turnover from UK car insurance fall by 12% to PS440m.
We are launching these new car insurance products as a direct response to market?
The amount of money that it's possible to save by comparing the price of car insurance online is astronomical.
BEING canny at describing the job you do could save you cash on your car insurance, according to new research.
ESURANCE recently teamed up with Walmart to launch a pilot program that offers drivers in Illinois a discount on their car insurance.