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a device on an automobile for making a warning noise

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"Prevost is a violent individual who's unwarranted, excessive and disproportionate attack left the victim fearing for his life simply because Prevost took umbrage to the victim sounding his car horn in response to his dangerous and aggressive driving," said detective constable Stephen Baker.
She replied: "That's all you could hear, the car horn going off."
Now before we start all the oo'er missus and nudge nudge wink wink he is in his 1950s' malarkey, I am of course referring to the vehicular audible warning system installed in my car (what else could I possibly mean in a family-friendly organ like the Chronicle?) In short, I don't think car horns are fit for purpose - they are too blunt an instrument for an increasingly complex and diverse range of social situations.
Scientists returned to the early days of motoring and re-modelled the classic Klaxon "ah-oo-gah" car horn introduced in 1908.
Merlin's purr is rated as loud as a classroom of chattering children, a London Underground train, or the sound of a car horn 25ft away, the Mirror reported.
Manager Carol Roberts was woken by a car horn blaring outside the Abandoned Animal Association in Prestatyn.
If necessary, the car horn and indicators can be activated to facilitate the search.
As I left thevenue onLordStreet, I heard a car horn and a screech, and in a split second, I realised Iwas about to be knocked down.
For a year after passing, whenever I heard a car horn I immediately assumed it was directed at me.
The handy Rocheport, Missouri, man set about building his own modified version, combining an antique car horn and a homemade train whistle to simultaneously herald the arrival of visitors.
The pitch of a blaring car horn rises as the vehicle approaches and falls as it moves away.
We can only presume Mrs Johnson went into labour while they were stuck in a traffic jam and gave birth amid a cacophony of car horn hoots.
On the desk is a curly old car horn and the man himself looks every inch the traditional executive in his cosy wooden-panelled study.
They often cross the road before looking properly, and cannot hear a car horn.
The researchers were testing for a new car horn sound, considering that while car horns grabbed attention, they also tended to be distracting.