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a device on an automobile for making a warning noise

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What I propose is a variable-pitch car horn system, a sort of cross between an eighties 'dixie' air horn and the phaser weapons off Star Trek which had different settings such as 'stun, heavy stun, dematerialise and kill.
Here's a sample of the vintage car horn (thankfully, we don't hear this anymore):
The first time I went to Greece I recall being kept awake almost the whole night by the constant sound of car horns in the middle of Athens.
The old car horn takes a lot more air than the train whistle does, so I had to saw a small slot in the PVC pipe and make a little metal gate (a sliding valve) to restrict the train whistle's air.
A car horn startles me in a crosswalk until I see the driver pointing to my shirt and waving a thumbs-up.
The pitch of a blaring car horn rises as the vehicle approaches and falls as it moves away.
We can only presume Mrs Johnson went into labour while they were stuck in a traffic jam and gave birth amid a cacophony of car horn hoots.
On the desk is a curly old car horn and the man himself looks every inch the traditional executive in his cosy wooden-panelled study.
The reindeer, called Bjorn, was reportedly startled by a car horn and sprinted away from the car park at the store in Carlton Hill, Nottingham, on Sunday.
She managed to sound her car horn and the man made off.
According to the Traffic Department's light motor vehicles handbook, the fine for using the car horn without imminent danger is QR300, in addition to one point added to the driver's violation record.
A TERRIFYING axe attack was caused by the accidental beeping of a car horn in the early hours.
London, September 6 ( ANI ): A pair of glasses can now alert deaf people about loud noises - like the honk of a car horn.
30pm last Wednesday after driving past her twice and beeping his car horn.
The victim, 52, claims she repeatedly sounded her car horn to no avail after passers by failed to intervene or call the police.