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a factory where automobiles are manufactured

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Honda Motor Company (NYSE: HMC), a Japan-based automaker, is reportedly closing a UK car factory in 2021.
Khazar Car Factory, located in southeast Azerbaijan in the Neftchala Industrial District, currently offers its products in Azerbaijan, however, the company eyes securing its footprints in foreign markets, including Russia, Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States.
Singapore [Singapore], Oct 23 ( ANI ): Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsein Loong, announced on Tuesday that British appliance manufacturer Dyson will be setting up its first electric car factory in Singapore.
Multi-billionaire chemicals tycoon Jim Ratcliffe announced his intention to create a new car factory, and said a base in the North of England was his preferred choice.
The report said Hyundai was partnering with Kerman Khodro for the new car factory, without giving further details.
LUXURY car maker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has confirmed it will open a new car factory in Slovakia.
MARKETING practitioners are all set to make a pit stop at Batley-born businessman Lawrence Tomlinson's car factory.
He asserted that Morocco exceeded Egypt by tens of years, as Volkswagen will negotiate with Morocco to establish a car factory there.
It's pie-in-the-sky just now but if Aston Martin gets its act, and moreover its public funding, together, then what better place for a car factory? It has been 10 years since the collapse of MG Rover and in that time the city's automotive sector has had a major renaissance.
The Rootes Motor Car factory, more latterly known as Peugeot, met the same fate.
"With great sadness, I learned the news of the explosion at the car factory in the city of Kunshan, which left dozens of dead and hundreds of injured," the telegram said.
We have gone from being a car factory to a regeneration scheme with a car factory.
The company have set up a virtual tour of the museum, which is next door to the Lamborghini car factory at Sant'agata Bolognese, with Google Street View technology.
The PM did not mention the name of the company, Romania Insider reported.The investment would be somehow unexpected, as in 2008, Daimler chose Hungary over Romania as the site of a new car factory. The factory in Romania however would be dedicated to producing car parts, according to Romanian media.Romania is already home to two large international car makers, Renault and Ford, both of which entered the market by taking over existing production facilities.bne