car boot sale

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an outdoor sale at which people sell things from the trunk of their car

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The unpredictability of the boot sale, the fact that a consumer does not know what goods of interest he or she might find there, may be one factor that contributes to the sense of adventure associated with visiting a car boot sale. This shopping motive is analogous to a gambling motive; the desire to play slot machines, the lottery and even to fishing.
Police officers issued more than 50 clearway contravention tickets to drivers who had dangerously parked on the busy A3 unable to get into theweekly car boot sale.
Dubai: Global Village, the region's first and largest multicultural festival park, has announced that it will continue its successful 'car boot sale' every Friday at Parking Lot A between 1pm and 5pm.
Named the 'Tenner' diamond, the ring was bought in the 1980s from a car boot sale.
Porthkerry, Vale of Glamorgan A unique car boot sale, in that it 5 starts later on in the day and has no official closing time.
The expeditions are self-funded and the pupils are working hard to raise this money through fundraising events such as this car boot sale.
It happened on Monday morning, August 26, at a car boot sale at Hexham Auction Mart.
Mark Cooke, events manager at the Coventry Sports Foundation, which operates the car boot sale and manages the Alan Higgs Centre and Centre AT7, said: "This is a hugely popular event, consistently attracting hundreds of bargain hunters every week.
The car boot sale will open to stall holders from 6am, before opening to the public from 7am until noon.
The Stoneleigh Park Indoor Car Boot Sale in Warwickshire will tomorrow be running an additional Christmas market, selling gifts, crafts and hand-made products.
OTHER hospitals in England already hold car boot sales to raise funds for healthcare and equipment.
But now the much-loved national institution of the car boot sale is enjoying a renaissance - one of the few winners in credit crunch Britain, along with pawnbrokers and online auction sites, like eBay.
"Behind the little guy who sells fake DVDs and CDs at a local car boot sale will be a big organised crime gang made up of some very unpleasant people.