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pig-sized tailless South American amphibious rodent with partly webbed feet

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Human exploitation of capybara. In: Neotropical wildlife use and conservation (Robinson JG, Redford KH Ed), The University of Chicago Press, USA, p.
The dogs swung away, with the capybara clearly headed for the certain sanctuary of a deep lagoon.
We were working along a watercourse, thick cover along the banks, and we were hunting capybara, not really a giant rat but still a very large rodent shaped like an oversize guinea pig.
Along the way, I passed up numerous incidental shooting opportunities at good boars, and I thought long and hard about drawing down on one of the capybara that frequented the waterways along the valley floor.
The continent is still home to Josephoartigasia monesi's closest living relative, the guinea pig-like pacarana, and today's largest living rodent, the capybara.
Giants In The Storm is the true story of avocational paleontologist Mark Renz's discovery of a half-million year-old Florida river bed and dozens of partial skeletons preserved within it, from capybara rodents to bull-size ground sloths, primitive wolves, saber-toothed cats and more.
They range in size from the tiny, third-of-an-ounce pygmy rice rat to the world's largest rodent, the 140-pound capybara. They climb through the trees in search of fruits and green seeds, scour the ground for grass and leaves, or prowl the water for unwary crabs and insects.
But the capybara (kap-uh-BAR-uh) is one SERIOUS rodent.
Spring saw the birth of a capybara pup - the world's largest rodent
Meanwhile, Romy, the one-year-old female giant anteater, has moved into her new paddock, adjacent to the tapir and capybara.
FACTFILE | The capybara is the largest of the world's rodent species | Their eyes and nostrils are on the tops of their heads so they can stay submerged with very little body showing - helping them to avoid detection by predators such as jaguars, anacondas and caiman | Like rabbits, they eat their own dung to extract maximum nutrition from their food | The scientific name for the capybara means 'water hog' | Mum Lily was born on 30 June 2010
Chico the capybara and his owner Jeff A team of reporters, including comedian Joel Dommett, TV presenter Ayo Akinwolere, I'm A Celebrity...
The Patagonian mara looks like a cross between a capybara and a giant jackrabbit, Paul said.