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The contact had been mediated by Georges Wachter via Louis Caput, the secretary of the Socialist Federation of Tonkin.
As indicated in Table 1, three CAPUT schools, ten DSS schools (3 Pro-China group, 5 former BPS schools, and 2 new DSS schools), four international schools, and six regular private schools were selected for in-depth interviews and school observations.
Vacca's research, vacuum-delivery is a low-risk procedure and may be used in the following instances, provided the fetal caput is visible and the station is low:
Although all infants exposed to vacuum assisted delivery devices will have a caput succedaneum, care providers need to be aware that two major life-threatening complications following use of vacuum assisted devices have been reported:
An FAO study on National Agricultural Development Horizon-2010 (1996) indicates that by the year 2010, per caput food demand would rise to 3,055 calories per day.
Daniel Caput at Sanofi Recherche in Labege, France, stumbled upon p73 by accident, but he quickly realized its significance.
usque ad summum, quo adhaeret caput, profundum vero, quod terrae
The root of the word "capitalism" is caput, Latin for "head": the human mind, human invention, human enterprise.
Once again Rome, caput et mater omnium ecclesiarum (head and mother of all churches), gives a lead.
Poland imported over 33,000 tons in 1988 - equivalent to one cup per caput per day, while Romania imported only 300 tons - equivalent to five cups per caput per annum.
This integration into the SDLC made it easier to find vulnerabilities within software code, remediate them and ultimately reduce the number of bugs released into production," said William Caput, Information Security Manager at Build.
The aforementioned interest on own capital will be computed in the calculation of the mandatory minimum dividends, as provided for in the caput of Article 28 of the Company's Bylaws, pursuant to article 9, paragraph 7, of Law 9,249/95.
Congratulations also to the terrific security team providing exceptional customer service at Melbourne Airport, in particular; Tariq Hashimi, Jazz Bedi, Onur Bekar, Mona Assad, Nitin Sharma, Mandy Barac, Peter Caput, Edin Sinclair, Duty Managers, Compliance Coordinators and all Supervisors.
It could, therefore, be inferred, that the reported decline in per caput NABs consumption in Nigeria over the years [12] is most likely a product of sharp increases in prices of most commodities leading to a declining purchasing power (lower real income) in Nigeria, with the composite Consumer Price Index (May 2003 = 100), rising sharply from 5.
Hoag's object lies in the constellation Serpens Caput --the western part of Serpens, at RA 15h 17m 14.