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Synonyms for capture

Synonyms for capture

to gain possession of, especially after a struggle or chase

to obtain possession or control of

Synonyms for capture

a process whereby a star or planet holds an object in its gravitational field

any process in which an atomic or nuclear system acquires an additional particle

the act of taking of a person by force

the removal of an opponent's piece from the chess board

succeed in representing or expressing something intangible

succeed in catching or seizing, especially after a chase

bring about the capture of an elementary particle or celestial body and causing it enter a new orbit

Related Words

take possession of by force, as after an invasion

capture as if by hunting, snaring, or trapping

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'In Nigeria, we have not been capturing the data of our citizens properly and when there is crisis, we claim we do not know who those people are.
On hybrid graphics (Intel Graphics + Discrete Graphics), screen capturing also supports a software implementation (replace parameter -hw with -sw in above command line).
"scrubbed" with an amine solution, typically capturing 85% to
DISCUSSION--Museum Specials captured significantly more individuals than the Sherman live trap and was also more successful at capturing a greater diversity of species (10) than the Sherman live trap (7).
The first tshark command line option that I normally use is "-D", which provides me an enumerated list of interfaces that I can use for capturing. Then I use the "-i 2" or whichever interface number I want to capture from as the command line option to tshark.
Efficacy of three types of live traps for capturing weasels, Mustela spp.
We used analysis of variance (ANOVA), with an a posteriori Tukey test, to examine differences in the efficiency of the 4 trap types in capturing different species.
Despite being relatively new legislation, disappointingly the act does not take into consideration the technical challenges of capturing new media services direct from broadcast, preserving them in their original form, and being able to re-create them as required in answer to legal claims.
The error is due to the accuracy to which we know the detector efficiency ([approximately equal to]5%), the estimate on the accuracy in the number of neutrons capturing in the target ([approximately equal to]5%), but mostly due to an error estimate on the number of gamma rays that will deposit all of their energy in the detector ([approximately equal to]20%).
No longer will the DoD be constrained to capturing information on at-rest and in-transit inventories at fixed locations.
If needed, a Quick Start wizard walks beginning users through capturing a screen, a window or a region.
With no other company offering the same global reach, depth of experience, or breadth of services devoted to capturing vital information to automate business processes, Kofax is positioned to make 2005 just as successful as the prior year.
The traditional definition of KM refers to the process of creating, capturing, organizing, transferring, and using knowledge to enhance organizational performance.
* provide users with the capability of capturing selected e-mail messages and attachments
For most universities, the first distance-learning challenge is capturing images, class lectures, and other types of content for Live transmission or replay over the Web.