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Synonyms for capture

Synonyms for capture

to gain possession of, especially after a struggle or chase

to obtain possession or control of

Synonyms for capture

a process whereby a star or planet holds an object in its gravitational field

any process in which an atomic or nuclear system acquires an additional particle

the act of taking of a person by force

the removal of an opponent's piece from the chess board

succeed in representing or expressing something intangible

succeed in catching or seizing, especially after a chase

bring about the capture of an elementary particle or celestial body and causing it enter a new orbit

Related Words

take possession of by force, as after an invasion

capture as if by hunting, snaring, or trapping

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The source in Hama said the key town of Ta'manah should be captured by the Syrian Armed Forces in the coming hours because the militant defensive line has already collapsed.
His guestimate was of a thousand families out of the 30 million Pakistani families, just about the number of MNAs and MPAs who captured most of the state resources.
The users will be benefited by saving their Time; cost and odd efforts in capturing the browser screen and making changes in captured image.
We also describe techniques used before, during, and after a capture to reduce stress and injury in captured waterfowl.
This study tested the prediction that Peromyscus leucopus scent collected in the lab and placed in cleaned (experimental) traps would attract conspecifics with similar or higher frequency than regular clean traps or dirty traps containing the residual scent of previously captured conspecifics.
Some cameras output via HDMI 1.4, which can be captured with less expensive cards, such as the Magewell XI100DEHDMI-4K, though the slower speed of HDMI 1.4 may limit capture frame rate or color depth.
Most images captured on smartphones make it to online platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
Palestinians know from experience that to have a captured Israeli soldier is of great importance for future negotiations with Israel that can be used as a powerful bargaining chip.
Volicon has announced a new partnership with Grass Valley that enables the companies' customers to realise a rapid repurposing workflow in which high-value content is quickly and easily captured, clipped, and edited for delivery to any platform.
fossil fuels or biomass feedstock is first captured, then compressed to
Finally, the Pasdaran said they had not captured any enemy drone--they had merely practiced how to capture a drone.
Filling a gap in historical literature, this book offers a complete list of the 248 American privateers active during the War of 1812 and the vessels they captured during the war, organizing information scattered throughout editions of Niles' Weekly Register.
Once captured, the content is delivered to cloud-based Kofax Mobile Services, which enhances images and delivers the content to the appropriate downstream Kofax processes.
Once captured, the content is delivered to Kofax Mobile Services, a cloud based service hosted on Microsoft Azure, which enhances images and delivers the content to the appropriate downstream Kofax processes.