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Synonyms for capture

Synonyms for capture

to gain possession of, especially after a struggle or chase

to obtain possession or control of

Synonyms for capture

a process whereby a star or planet holds an object in its gravitational field

any process in which an atomic or nuclear system acquires an additional particle

the act of taking of a person by force

the removal of an opponent's piece from the chess board

succeed in representing or expressing something intangible

succeed in catching or seizing, especially after a chase

bring about the capture of an elementary particle or celestial body and causing it enter a new orbit

Related Words

take possession of by force, as after an invasion

capture as if by hunting, snaring, or trapping

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Andrew Blume brings 30 years of insurance technology sales experience to Full Capture.
As the first video capture card to capture uncompressed High Definition video from the HDMI output of cameras, as well as analog component, DeckLink HD Studio creates new, low-cost opportunities for editors using Macs and PCs for post production.
Banks and credit unions are requesting this remote deposit capture technology at a amazing rate," said Ron Meinhardt, president of BLM Technologies.
Prompted by customer demand, Ascent Xtrata Pro enhances the Ascent Platform by providing an ideal solution for information capture applications of low-to-medium complexity where ease of deployment and configuration, and low maintenance costs are key requirements.
HP's broad set of ILM offerings, including HP StorageWorks Continuous Information Capture, based on technology from Mendocino, enables customers to capture, manage, retain and deliver information according to its business value," said Frank Harbist, vice president and general manager, Information Lifecycle Management and Storage Software, StorageWorks Division, HP.
Designed for use on the Canon Non-Mydriatic CR-DGi Retinal Camera, the Canon Eye Q Capture Review software is a portable retinal imaging solution that facilitates the capture of patient images, both inside a doctor's office or outside in a public screening setting.
We are pleased the Panini My Vision X is an integral element of their check capture solution.
We are pleased Kofax has announced plans to support these technologies in its production scanning and capture solutions.
To round out its Guardian suite, Cross Match also developed Guardian FAST (Fast Autocapture of Slaps and Thumbs), a sophisticated software middleware package that enables system integrators to add fingerprint capture biometrics to their software applications without prior knowledge of biometrics.
Panini and Carreker have successfully deployed their total check capture solution to three of the Top 25 banks representing over 35,000 Panini My Vision X check scanners.
The OmniPage Capture SDK is used as the scanning and document conversion technology by nearly all of the leading commercial vendors implementing scanning, OCR or PDF capabilities into their applications, including Accusoft, Adlib eDoc Solutions, AnyDoc Systems, Autodesk, Bowe Bell & Howell, Captaris, Cardiff Software, Canon, Electronic for Imaging, EMC Captiva, Freedom Scientific, Hyland Software, Kofax, Omtool, Microsoft, Westbrook Technologies and Xerox.
Mova(TM) Contour takes us from motion capture to reality capture," says Steve Perlman, founder and president of Mova, a San Francisco-based motion-capture studio that is introducing the new Contour Reality Capture System.
The white paper is based on extensive research and direct customer experience, and presents an objective and informative foundation of knowledge for a corporation considering remote deposit capture.
BP has already announced plans for two such hydrogen power projects with carbon capture and sequestration in Scotland and California, both of which will use GE technology.