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Synonyms for capture

Synonyms for capture

to gain possession of, especially after a struggle or chase

to obtain possession or control of

Synonyms for capture

a process whereby a star or planet holds an object in its gravitational field

any process in which an atomic or nuclear system acquires an additional particle

the act of taking of a person by force

the removal of an opponent's piece from the chess board

succeed in representing or expressing something intangible

succeed in catching or seizing, especially after a chase

bring about the capture of an elementary particle or celestial body and causing it enter a new orbit

Related Words

take possession of by force, as after an invasion

capture as if by hunting, snaring, or trapping

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The use of the UID changes data capture, storage, use, and utility across the board.
A key advantage of Samson Capture is the unprecedented speed - 12 weeks compared with six to eight months for competing software - with which it image-enables an existing system.
One of the many factors fueling this growth is the availability of efficient and economical check capture devices, such as the My Vision X check scanner.
We also have been very pleased with the image capture and graphics capabilities of Capture," said Erin Pederson, director of sales and marketing at StaffTechs, a division of StaffMe.
In addition, Flare's tight integration with MadCap Capture and MadCap Mimic makes it the first Help application to allow single-sourcing of images and movies (different settings for various outputs, all from one image and/or movie).
For example, if a user selects Invoice from a pick-list while indexing in Capture, the document's type might be assigned ACCTG (accounting).
Web Capture is a browser-based, thin-client document capture system that requires no manual software installation.
Sean Moore brings 20 years of insurance industry experience to Full Capture.
As the first video capture card to capture uncompressed High Definition video from the HDMI output of cameras, as well as analog component, DeckLink HD Studio creates new, low-cost opportunities for editors using Macs and PCs for post production.
Banks and credit unions are requesting this remote deposit capture technology at a amazing rate," said Ron Meinhardt, president of BLM Technologies.
Kofax (LSE:DCM), the world's largest information capture vendor, today announced the availability of Ascent[R] Xtrata Pro, a quick and easy-to-deploy solution that works in tandem with Ascent Capture to classify and extract data from any document type.
With InfiniView, Mendocino is introducing a new product architecture that has been specifically designed to accommodate the separate scaling of data capture and data view presentation.
will debut its new Eye Q Capture Review software at the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Annual Meeting, November 11th - 14th (Booth #2327), in Las Vegas.
We recognize that check capture technology is one of the most important developments in the U.
Kofax to Support Microsoft's XPS Document File Format and Windows Imaging Architecture for Production Scanning and Capture in Windows Vista