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Synonyms for captivation

the state of being intensely interested (as by awe or terror)

a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual

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The Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) on Monday recovered the bear from private captivation. According to sources, the bear belonged to a well-known property dealer.
That is to say that poverty in the world--in which the animal in some way feels it's not being open (4)--has the strategic function of ensuring a passage between the animal environment and the open, from a perspective in which captivation as the essence of the animal is as it were a suitable background against which the essence of humanity can now be set off.
Even her father is a vague presence, instrumental only to her tale of captivity and captivation. No matter what else was happening, she excelled at school and felt an overwhelming need to protect her brother.
The hustle and bustle of adult life can grind the pleasure from things that in years past would bring such joy and captivation.
Her captivation with Manhattan began with Woody Allena"esque cinematic yearnings -- "a city in 'black and white', mythic and romantic" -- but now she feels displaced and isolated, and contemplates moving back to England.
The sheer captivation the election held for the masses was electrifying.
This fascinating book explores Van Gogh's captivation with nature and seasonal changes and takes the reader on an educational journey into why the master painter worked the way he did and what inspired him.
But his mockery of Irish poetry's cap-in-hand American captivation still spikes.
The basic aim behind this evil propaganda is to reduce the captivation and attractiveness of CPEC to international world.
When asked about the reasons behind captivation, he said: "Their [LEAs] only demand is that we [civil society] stay silent." He refused to comment further, saying that "he is not safe".
In other words, "The animal can only behave insofar as it is essentially captivated" by what it is instinctually drawn to, and Heidegger goes so far as to claim that captivation is "the inner possibility of animal being itself (239).
As the video of the big cat attacking people at the circus was circulated on internet, several have expressed their objection to keep a tiger in captivation and urged that such act of animal cruelty be banned.
In recent work, I have presented captivation as a communicative dynamics of the Internet (J.
She has taken femininity and womanhood as her subjects, composing songs based on the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop and Rumi; she has written works with historical themes, including the operas The Captivation of Eunice Williams and The Bridge of San Luis Rey, based on the novel by Thornton Wilder.
This is to say that in captivation, the animal drives are compelled to leave their state of potentiality and to become actual, and that this happens automatically, after the manner of a machine.