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in a bewitching manner

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In this chapter she captivatingly used the sea as a metaphor for experiences that go beyond conventional categories and one that included the meeting of the two Oceans at the Cape in "memories of slavery".
His career seemed destined for a meteoric upward trajectory until an affair with a captivatingly beautiful Christine Keeler condemned him to the most spectacular fall from grace in the nation's political history.
More interesting is the tale of Tunny (played by Thomas Hettrick) who gets seduced into joining the army (in the captivatingly staged number "Favorite Son" and a memorable outing by Jared Young), is wounded, and has a long recuperation.
His story is both captivatingly innocent and full of wisdom.
Captivatingly illustrated with vintage black-and-white photographs throughout, Peaceful Valley: A Portrait of a Prairie Town and the Legacy of Small Town America, Volume 1 is an accessible, in-depth portrait of the small town of Tipton, Oklahoma, created in 1909 to provide for farmers settling the land.
Morpurgo's version, captivatingly illustrated by Emma Chester Clark, is set in 19th Century Europe, offering great potential for linkages to Dickens and other storytellers who focused on the plight of the poor during the Industrial Revolution.
Amy Lawrence's The Passion of Montgomery Clift is a monumental work that elegantly and captivatingly combines textual analysis in historical/cultural context, celebrity discourse analysis, and star biography.
Girard offers the reader a similar sort of analysis in yet another captivatingly keen essay, "Bastards and Antihero in Sartre" except here he pits Sartre against himself, the Sartre of The Words versus the Sartre of Nausea, The Flies, and Being and Nothingness.
Gerstein's encore - a captivatingly understated performance of Rachmaninov's Melody, Op 3 - helped calm the audience down
The unpredictability of this book, from its interesting chapter arrangement to its punchy dialogue and the captivatingly comic manner with which Stagliano addresses topics ranging from feces to mercury to sex, makes this book a terrific read and one that is hard to put down.
Posner and Professor Frederick Schauer, who among all the scholars I reviewed have, in my opinion, written most illuminatingly and captivatingly about precedent.
Lieba Faier captivatingly addresses these questions in Intimate Encounters.
Anyone with a passing knowledge of du Fresne's oeuvre understands that the author's voice was first heard rather than read, the short stories about the captivatingly observant Astrid, the Danish New Zealand child, being broadcast as 'Astrid of the Limberlost' and the 'The Growing of Astrid Westergaard' (each series comprising thirteen stories), the second of which was aired on Radio New Zealand National three times in five years.
The film is loaded with non- stop action set in captivatingly bizarre backdrops.
The way frontman Win Butler stands astride the stage is in some ways reminiscent of Johnny Cash in his pomp, such is his beguiling stage presence, while the captivatingly frenetic energy exercised by the various instrumentalists is a spectacular sight.