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in a bewitching manner

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The top lot of the sale was Ali Banisadr's captivatingly explosive canvas, 'In Media Res', described as an intoxicating mix of colour and exuberant brushstrokes inspired by elaborate Persian miniatures.
However, the outlook for the capital's clubs has not always been rosy - as Steve Tongue captivatingly outlines in this history of London football.
Her light but focused mezzosoprano is ideally suited to the understated character of these songs, completely and captivatingly delivered in the classic French vocal style.
Through photographs, imagined scenes, facts and war footage, Francofonia strangely and captivatingly meditates on the meaning of art.
Having successfully plumbed her antiestablishment teenage years--Vroom Vroom was the first Charli project to sound as captivatingly off-putting as Uffie--she swung the pendulum of her career in the opposite direction.
Summary: There's a new chef in town at the helm of Palazzo Versace Dubai's innovative restaurant, Enigma -- an outlet that captivatingly changes its dining concept every quarter, each time welcoming a new chef of world-class talent.
Mark Chen's Mastering Composition for Photographers: Create Images with Impact (9781608959815, $37.95) not only teaches photographers the basics of photo composition, but covers the basics of when and how to apply these principles and how to design images that are striking and captivatingly different.
In this sense, it's a relief to have fiction filmmakers captivatingly relay how it all happened.
No other epoch has succeeded in presenting knowledge of man so forcibly and so captivatingly as ours, and no other has succeeded in making this knowledge so quickly and easily accessible.
In The Last Volcano, geologist John Dvorak captivatingly chronicles the life and times of this vanguard scientist.
The result is a captivatingly storyline that requires no prior familiarity with the series--though readers lacking such background will surely wish to turn to enjoy its predecessors.
Serving up a sweet tale of interspecies friendship and a stunning prehistoric vision of the American Northwest, "The Good Dinosaur" is easily one of the great landscape films of 2015, even if what unfolds against that landscape isn't always as captivatingly rendered.
Following young officer Tom from Sandhurst to his deployment in Helmand, the evocation of life in a warzone is captivatingly real - down to the heat, dust, bad food and periods of boredom interspersed with high drama.
She captivatingly analyzed the extant literature--"an archive of subsumed meanings"--about food since colonial times to the present day.
Payne's life, observes the New York Times, is "a terrific story" that Morris vividly and captivatingly tells.