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Synonyms for captious

Synonyms for captious

tending to find and call attention to faults


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We are not boy and girl, to be captiously irritable, misled by every moment's inadvertence, and wantonly playing with our own happiness." (240) Anne, in fact, is acknowledging that only in a novel like Frances Burney's Camilla can two lovers be kept apart for five volumes by "inadvertence." Mr.
In his last book, The Long Detour (which I reviewed captiously, I now admit with some remorse), he upheld "socialist principles in the Post-Industrial Era," and he called for a "worldwide program of demilitarization, led by the United States." Needless to say, we are a ways from there today.
Already "blinded with the veil of jealousy," as the narrator in La Prima Parte de le Novelle del Bandello captiously remarks of his protagonist, Timbreo, (22) the deceived lovers in these narratives find a correlative for their blindness in the opacity of narrative itself, in its ability to filter data and conceal under the very pretext of revealing, whetting the lover's voyeurism while impairing his physical--and intellectual--sight.
One might captiously conclude that real assent to the "actuality" of the Final Solution could only presuppose personal exposure to Buchenwald, Belsen, or Nuremberg.