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taking exception

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brief description accompanying an illustration


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provide with a caption, as of a photograph or a drawing

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Live captions go a step further, letting your PR team quickly pull quotes for the press and your marketing team efficiently publish companion ebooks and blog posts.
27 January 2017 - US-based closed captioning and accessible media solutions company Vitac Corp has acquired captioning services provider Caption Colorado, the company said.
Ericsson has been providing captioning services for over 30 years and delivers 230,000 hours of captions every year, 100,000 of which are live.
Users can translate these captions into multiple languages too when watching videos.
This technique hides the captions so that they are not visible unless "decoding" occurs.
Romero moved to New York, became active in establishing a professional deaf repertory company, and attempted to produce captions for the now inaccessible talking movies.
On October 9, 2010, President Obama signed the 21st Video Accessibility Act into law, requiring broadcasters to include closed captions with Web video content.
For the first time, Ericsson's captions will also be made available on an airline, ensuring that the latest news from SKY NEWS will be accessible to as many Qantas air passengers as possible the world over.
Additionally, most major online video platforms and content delivery networks (CDNs) support captions out-of-the-box, often including APIs that captioning vendors can leverage to further simplify workflows.
Captions PowerPoint[R], Webinars, On-Line Meetings and More Captions are displayed on PowerPoint[R] Presentations and computer screens.
Closed captions enable deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to access the audio components of the audio/video experience.
Millions of people who depend upon closed captions will see a vast increase in captioned web videos thanks to the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, which President Obama will sign into law today.
CPC's software generates a small captions file which takes less than 5 Megabytes per hour of video.
CPC's e-Captioning software-based encoding and tape or tapeless delivery of closed captions has firmly established itself as the new industry standard.
HD transport stream files must have both CEA-608 and CEA-708 closed captions according to FCC regulations.